why we don’t play with silly putty…

October 28, 2011 at 7:16 am (picture post, ro's colossal crusades)

“There are times when parenthood seems nothing but feeding the mouth that bites you.”

– Peter De Vries
One hour and a half-bottle of conditioner later. . .
Naughty little thing!


  1. Furry Bottoms said,

    That is silly putty?! I haven’t seen that in a long time. Looks like she got slimed by a ghost! And who can resist that charming grin?!

    • Me said,

      Yeah, it’s different from when I was a kid. More like a gel and less like. . . well, putty! This is was glitter silly putty – super snazzy – and NOT water-soluble!

  2. Kelli said,

    Oh dear!! Haven’t played with silly putty since I was little. That was a long, long time ago. Lesson learned huh?? I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the ballet recital pictures. T looked like she was in heaven. HUGS for a great weekend. Hope you’re not digging out of the snow where you are.

  3. Kelli said,

    BTW, Ro is such a cutie!!

  4. Kathleen Scott said,

    That’s too funny. I know it wasn’t funny at the time, but the pictures and the simple title to the story, I’m grinning.

    And Ro looks so much older! She’s looking more like a toddler than a baby.

  5. FooFoo said,

    So FUNNY! That Ro! Got to love those looks she gave.

  6. runningoutofsteam said,

    A much needed laugh at the moment. Soooo cute…only because it is not my mess to clean…this time.

  7. Ki said,

    She looks SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE … it’s almost worth the mess, isn’t it? =p

    • Me said,

      No… NOTHING was worth that mess! Ug!

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