Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011 at 11:32 pm (halloween, holiday, picture post)

“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid . . . because I’m not myself you see.”

 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Happy Halloween!

(from Wonderland)


  1. lenore said,

    perfect. look how great they look. so cute!

  2. Gammy said,

    too cute!!!

  3. YoMama said,

    Awesome! Best costumes ever! Sooooo cute!

  4. Kendall said,

    Sooooo CUTE! 🙂 Their outfits are to die for!

  5. Furry Bottoms said,

    OMG that is the cutest thing!!!! I love the rabbit outfit, especially the feet/paws! You’re so good at this!

  6. Sarah Benedict said,

    Did you make these? So cute!

    • Me said,

      Thanks! No, I didn’t. I’m not good at sewing at all, but I think I could have pulled off a simple Alice dress. . . I just didn’t want to risk running out of time. The white rabbit costume was purchased second-hand (super cheap), and the Husb and I used a bit of sewing and a LOT of hot glue to add the vest on (it can easily be removed for future dress-up time)

  7. runningoutofsteam said,

    LOVE IT! I was thinking that I need to start doing something the girls go together.

    • Me said,

      I LOVE that they were a matched set, but I doubt I’ll be able to do that for more than another year or so – once Ro has more of an opinion, I doubt they’ll be able to agree! What were your girls this year?

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