October 31, 2011 at 12:33 pm (halloween, holiday, picture post)

“Rule of life number seven:
Whatever the question, ‘costumes’ is always a good answer.”

– Olivia the Pig

‘Twas Halloween morning with costumes galore,
we couldn’t decide on which one we liked more!

One after another, we tried them all on,
‘till the floor was all covered in tulle and chiffon

To go out this evening, we must look our best,
so every last outfit was pulled from the chest…

Lady bug? Princess? Kitty? Or cow?
We really hadn’t given it thought before now!

But Halloween night is just hours away!
We have to choose NOW, without further delay!

They’re all very pretty, but none of them right,
for tricking and treating this Halloween night. . .


  1. Leslie said,

    These are girls after my own heart. How cute!

  2. Furry Bottoms said,

    The cutest costumes ever!! The girls carry any one of those very well!

  3. Ki said,

    “But none of them right” ??? Your gals rock pretty much all of them!

  4. Gammy said,

    the cutest post ever with the cutest girls ever!

  5. Sarah Benedict said,

    So cute! I love all the costumes! You will have to let us know which one they chose!

  6. Amber said,

    So cute!!

    Happy Halloween 🙂

  7. Tony Connelly said,

    Stellar photography as usual. Alice in Wonderland are my favorites but the lady bugs are up there close. Cuteness OD, dizzy, gotta go.

  8. Kendall said,

    How adorable!!! I’m in love, however, with T’s big, glittery, white dress and Ro’s fairy outfit. Such princesses!!

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