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January 30, 2010 at 4:47 pm (picture post, random Puffs, whimsically silly)

“Each day comes bearing its own gifts.  Untie the ribbons.”

-Ruth Ann Schabacker
A mysterious package arrived the other day with T’s name written all over it. . .
Well, sort of. Kind of. . .
No. Not really at all, honestly.
Lets try that again, shall we?

A package arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago with “Super Puff” written in big letters right on front.
I knew just what it was and who it was from the moment I laid eyes on it – because, you see, I’d seen that very box several times before, and it is ALWAYS filled with wonderful things. First, it came from T’s Gammy, via Old Navy, filled to overflowing with a brand-new summer wardrobe for the little miss. That was back in June(?) of last year. THEN it got filled with even WONDERFULLER things and shipped off to a couple of crazy kids living in sunny Florida. . .where it once more was filled with happiness and awesome and sent back here, to my own doorstep once again.
The internet is a big and happy place that can sometimes make the world smaller. Somewhere on the old WWW, I bumped into a very nice lady (you may have heard of her) named Kendall. She has a daughter born in the same month as my own. I believe T and C are a mere 11 days apart in age (something like that, anyway) She also has a bigger girly born in May of the year before (and a tiny one who hadn’t been born at the time this story starts). T and I filled this very box with goodies for those little girls and sent it along sometime in between their birthdays and Christmas of last year.
And here it was again! Sitting on my doorstep!
This little box of happy had found its way back home. . .
So we brought it in, and inside we found about a million presents, all individually wrapped in tissue paper. There followed an awful lot of this:
I have pictures all the fun, but I couldn’t choose just a few, and there were FAR too many to post. . . so I’ll just tell y’all some of what was in the box.
There was a hand-made leopard-print pink pirate eye-patch (great start, neh?) Paint-your-own window clings, a tee-shirt, stampers and ink, a little wooden elephant, stickers, sticker books, several arts n’ craft foam sets, glow sticks, plant starter sets, a magic wand (or two), a jingle-bell necklace. . . all kinds of wonderful stuff for the Puff. There was also goodies for me (and my husband. And my sister.) Home-made broken-glass candy, hot cocoa, and spiced tea mixes (all of which were super yummy and de-lish)
Oh yeah. . .and the box was filled to overflowing with shiny, sparkly, shimmery Easter grass. I can’t complain, because it is the exact and very same Easter grass that I packed the box with when I sent it to them in the first place – much to Kendall’s dismay (although the pink packing peanuts were a new addition). Her girls loved it, which was the point, and now it was Kendall’s turn for revenge. I understand. Totally. . . because Teaball spent about 45 minutes doing this:
and when all was said and done, her bedroom looked like this:
What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!
Thank you Kendall – and K and C, too!

I feel it should be noted that the Old Navy box has officially retired. It made several wonderful and joy-bringing journeys in its day, but I fear that if I were to risk sending it out again its happy-making contents would end up being strewn across several state lines. That poor box. . .it really couldn’t have been called a BOX anymore by the time it had finished this final delivery. But its memory will live on in our hearts.

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