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October 12, 2011 at 7:16 am (random Puffs, whimsically silly)

“A winsome little ghost it is, rosy-cheeked and bright of eye, with yellow curls all breaking loose from the small cap pushed awry, Up it climbs among the pillows, for the ‘big gark’ brings no dread,
and a baby’s busy fancy makes a kingdom of a bed.”
– Louisa May Alcott
From time to time my kids go missing. I’ll be sitting down, sipping a cup of coffee in peace, and then suddenly realize that I’m sitting down and sipping a cup of coffee in peace. This is unheard of. Something must be terribly wrong somewhere, because every parent knows that silent children are generally up to no good. I wander around the house to investigate. . .
Everything LOOKS normal. . . I turn to leave the nursery. Then I hear the laughter. Because no matter how hard they try, unless they really are doing something terribly naughty, neither of my daughters can keep quiet for longer than 30 seconds – and that’s pushing it.
Ahh yes. Under the bed. I smile and go back to cherish what few moments I have left to actually sit and sip coffee without small children climbing over me like some glorified jungle gym. I’m not worried anymore, because I know the secret that lies beneath the crib. . .
I’m not sure which one of them came up with the idea first, but T lived in that room for three years, and never showed the slightest bit of interest in dust bunnies (except during the breif period of time where she believed that they were actual bunnies), so I suspect it was Ro. When I figured out that she was hanging out down there, I decked it out with pillow pets, blankets, soft books, squishy blocks, and a stuffy or two to keep her company while she played. It’s a part of the room, after all, it might as well function as such! Hidden toy storage? WIN!
Being the nursery, it’s Ro’s domain, and she knows it. Aside from general play time silliness, she often retreats to her little hiding spot when she needs some time away from others, is angry with me for having the audacity to tell her “no,” or doesn’t want her diaper changed. There’s something magical about having a special place where you can’t be seen, and where mommy never ventures. . .
T hangs out down there, too. It’s become her go-to spot to bring glow sticks and things that light in the dark during daylight hours. And she likes nothing better than a game of hide-and-go-seek – especially when I’m not playing along (perhaps she should call it hide-and-go-BOO)! This spot is different from the forts that we build regularly all around the house with blankets, because those forts are transient, we take them down playtime is done. This little paradise never goes away.
But when they BOTH squeeze in together, it’s the funniest thing that ever happened – judging from the insane amounts of giggling that fill the room. . .
I can never see exactly what they’re doing under there, and they like it that way just fine. . . hidden play nooks are the greatest!

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