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“The only reason a great many American families don’t own an elephant is that they have never been offered an elephant for a dollar down and easy weekly payments.”

– Mad Magazine

Everyone knows that girls like to shop, and although I generally am a bit of an exception to this rule, my elder daughter is not.¬†Teaball likes nothing more than to head out to the dollar store in search of a ‘special prize’ after a long hard day of behaving herself. It’s one of the things we do together on a fairly regular basis. It’s quick enough to do on the fly before dinner, cheap enough to do frequently, and it just makes her so happy – who could say ‘no?!’ And I have to admit that on these occasions, with my¬† lady by my side, I very much enjoy the shopping experience.

Sometimes she wants to use her own money, and so the baby bottle bank is upended and the coins painstakingly sorted one by one by one (as well as the random star and heart-shaped ‘gems’ that mysteriously find their way into her hoard).

I make her pick out all of the silver money, so we don’t hold up the line any more than we already will. I always try to make the experience as painless for the cashier as it is empowering for my daughter. They usually seem to be entertained. At this point they’re pretty much used to us. . .

T puts all of her money in the pretty little purple purse that used to belong to her cousin,

*cell phone image*

picks a clover bloom for the road, and is ready to roll!

*cell phone image*

After spacing around the store for a while and debating the merit of this vs that purchase (and somehow conning mom into buying that pack of stickers and that coloring book), T finally decides on the perfect thing. She always feels like such a grown lady paying the cashier for it all by herself and with her own money – you can just see her brimming with pride!

Another succesful shopping trip. . . and another elephant to add to her collection!

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