January 29, 2010 at 6:24 am (craftiness n' colors, picture post, wednesday whimsy)

“Who wants my jellyfish?
I’m not sellyfish!”

– Ogden Nash

During our trip to the aquarium, we were all captivated by one exhibit in particular. We loved it so much, in fact, I decided that it deserved a post all its own. . . so without further ado, may I present you with –

The Jellies

T and the Blue Blubbers

An adorably true story. . . as we were approaching the dolphin show, my sis and I were discussing which area to visit next. When we mentioned the jellyfish, Puff, who was getting hungry, piped in with her opinion;

“Mommy, let’s go see the peanutbutterjelly fish now, please!”


We finally got there (after lunch), and I don’t think they were what she was expecting, but she was quite taken with them, as were we all. My sister said that my fascination with them was obvious, because I stopped taking photos of my daughter, and focused instead on capturing images of these billowy creatures. She’s right. The jellies have always been my favorites – but I snagged a few Puff pics, too!

Spotted Lagoon Jellies

How can you NOT like the sea jellies? They’re just. . . mesmerizing. Like some kind of creepy living lava-lite. They’re graceful and beautiful and utterly devoid of any obvious intelligence whatsoever. So totally unlike anything else. . .

Moon Jellies

All of the jellyfish were awesome, and they had so many different varieties on display. Even so, it wasn’t difficult to pick a favorite among them. We all agreed unanimously that the Pacific Sea Nettles were the most fascinating of all, and we hung out by their tank for an extended period of time.

Pacific Sea Nettles

T let me know the moment we left the aquarium that she wanted to paint a picture of a jellyfish when we got home. I adore it when she requests projects, but unfortunately, I had to go to work that evening. A Puff never forgets, however, and first thing the next morning, she reminded me of our pending project.

Super simple, I made an umbrella shape on a blank piece of paper and she went to town. Orange and red at her request – Pacific Sea Nettles, of course!

paintings (with glitter) never look very good in photos...

Once she was done with painting, Puff informed me that we were to BUILD one. Now…y’all know I’m down with the arts n’ crafts scene, but I gotta admit that this threw me for a loop. How exactly does one go about BUILDING a JELLYFISH!? I had to think quickly, because Little Miss Two-Years-Old was practically tapping her foot at me. I could almost hear the theme from Jeopardy playing in the background.

Then I thought about the ghosts we made for Halloween. . . It was perfect! We made the jelly in the same way, but T colored our white tissue paper by dripping orange and red dyed water onto it with a medicine dropper (again, colors by her request – she really liked those Nettle dudes). She then dug through my ribbon and string box for anything that looked right, and came up with quite a few interesting things to dangle from her jelly (and one to dangle her jelly from)!

T's hippie jellyfish creation

We were both pleased by how this impromptu project turned out. If you see it in person, you might say that it has a kind of beatnik feel about it! What a fun way to learn new things!

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