Among the trees

September 9, 2009 at 1:52 am (autumnal awesomeness, cheesy sentimentalities, pieces of me, the continuing adventures of Superpuff)

“I am at two with nature.”

– Woody Allen

Can it be that September has come to the world so soon? I feel as though August has only just begun, yet Autumn lurks just beyond sight to claim the greens to golden, and frosty mornings soon will be upon us once more. The Summer of Two has been a wonderful and thrilling time for my lady fair, with all of the essential pieces in their place. Zoo trips, complete with merry-go-rounds. Playgrounds, tricycles, birthday parties, and pools. . .Along with such tasty treats as snowballs, watermelon, popsicles, and ice-cream. All of these have contributed to what I believe was a shining season in her world.

New experiences each have been embraced with all the intensity and thoughtlessness that only can be found in one so young. The summer has been full, and there still remains a week or two in which to squeeze a few more summertime moments before fall is upon us for true. . .Of all the adventures we’ve had this season, there remains one that she comes back to time and time again. One bold and bright favorite that stands alone in her mind as the very best thing to do on a sunshiny day. It comes for free, in ample supply, and we need only drive 3 minutes to find it. . .It is the simplest and most basic of them all. Nature.

Not a single day goes by in which T doesn’t ask if we can go for a walk in the forest, or go play in the river. We’ve been to our local woods so often this season that the trees know us by name. And if we get more than our fair share of mosquito bites, well thats okay too. . . because I agree wholeheartedly. Like my daughter, I also am of the opinion that the forest is the place to be. . . it doesn’t get any better than toes in the river and a picnic lunch.

These images capture a very special place. When I was small, my father brought me and my brother to these same woods often. It brings me great joy to have the opportunity to share this place with her. It is one of the few places that has remained virtually unchanged since my own childhood, and I am thrilled that she loves it every bit as much as I always have.

Being in the woodlands leaves me feeling breathless, small, and at peace. Nothing brings God so close for me than immersing myself in His creation. The day-to-day ceases to exist, and for a time we can play and breathe. . .and just be. And it is so good.


  1. Tori said,

    I love that spot too! I’ve been there so much I can tell just by the pictures where it is! A childhood favorite of mine too! I’m so glad T had a great summer and got to do so much stuff! I wish I was a kid again.. all I got to do was work…. no fun trips to the woods for me…

  2. Jenn said,

    What wonderful memories you are creating for her! I am a sucker for recreating memories of my childhood for my kids. Once again, your pictures are simply beautiful!! I love the expression on her face as as she is playing in the water! Ahh, summer may not last–but these memories will–and fall will bring new ones!

    (so happy to “visit” you during this late night feeding!)

  3. mary said,

    what great pictures! This looks like a very special place!

  4. FooFoo said,

    Oh, I love these pics and your description of the woods . . . wish I was there . . . Cy would love it there with T. Beautiful scenery, so special to share with your daughter daily. . . .

  5. deb@talk at the table said,

    This was such a truly perfect post. The pictures, the words. I could hear the water. Feel the peace.
    Your daughter is very lucky.

    And thank you for your kind encouragement to me always. It means something coming from someone I can tell has a good heart.

  6. ChristinesLillSprouts said,

    Oh it looks like such a great place. My kids would love it for sure! We’ll have to see if we can check it out sometime when we visit my sister. I, too, especially love revisiting childhood memories, only for me it wasn’t the forest, but our “basement” that we could turn into anything we wanted. That is so awesome that you can now take T there. She truly is a lucky kid to have such a great Mom!

  7. Yourbiggestfan said,

    The pictures are great, mama, as always!!! I’m so glad that LMT has such a fun time on these excursions of yours. I am always so proud of myself when I take my girls out and just let them be kids…splashing in puddles(which is as close to a river as we get around here), exploring, without worrying about anything. how much fun!! I wish I could accompany you and T there sometime with my princesses…too bad you’re on the other side of the planet! 😛

  8. Saumya said,

    Love love love this post of yours. T is looking beautiful!!! As always the words u have written are awasome.

  9. T’s Big Day « Huginn, Muninn, and me said,

    […] at the park, I really should have known better (I mean, duh – these woods have always been one of my and T’s favorite places – I used to come here with my dad when I was little). When she started wading, the jeans had […]

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