ending an era

May 10, 2010 at 7:44 am (kiddie-free, picture post)

“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down?  We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.”

– Jack Handey
image courtesy of Cousin Jon
Arbor day just passed, and while most of you were busy planting trees, my husband (with some help from Cousin Jon) was chopping one down. . . It is with mixed feelings that I inform you – the Holly is no more.
And it is sad, because the tree was huge. The birds loved it, the squirrels loved it, I’m sure a plethora of buggies also enjoyed it, and the little red berries looked so pretty when the world was covered with snow. . . but we and the tree just couldn’t get along.
You see, the thing about Holly trees (and bushes) is that, well, they’re evil. Really. . . The berries, though pretty, are poisonous to dogs, cats, and – worst of all – humans. You try explaining that to a just-learning-to-crawl, teething, six-month-old baby. I’ve tried. It doesn’t go over very well.
Additionally, each point of those pretty green leaves is equipped with vicious little spines – several of them – making such wonderful summertime activities as going barefoot in the backyard an impossibility (unless one is willing to embrace a world of pain. Generally speaking, we are not). The awesome inflatable pool that Zia C gave us barely made it through one season before being ruptured by one of these bad boys, and they’re not so kind to the afore-mentioned crawler’s hands-and-knees, either. . .
And so it is with a slightly heavy heart that we bid our dear friend Holly farewell. . . It is the end of an era in our backyard, and though it was a difficult decision to make, we have to believe we made the best one for our family.


  1. wecki77 said,

    Oh I understand. We had many holly bushes in our yard. We didn’t have to worry about the crawling in their leaves or eating of the frutis since they were off to the back in gardens. However, wasps and yellow jackets also love them. Nothing can get inside to ruin their lovely homes. It made prunning awful, sitting anywhere in a mile radius awful, so, they also went. Which is a shame. They are beautiful. But, alas, we’ve replaced them with other plants. We do what we must for our family (and friends).

  2. NIkki said,

    I am in awe of those pictures!!! Those are unbelievable pictures…. in one of them it actuallylooked like it was a miniature set. Then the next picture had your husband in it so I kNEW it wasn’t a miniature set. Wowowow.

    Hopefully your yard will be much more comfortable to play in! 🙂

  3. Sharon said,

    1-great pics

    2-totally jealous! I want to use a chainsaw

    and lastly good riddance evil tree of evilness! *hrmpf head nod a la Miss Piggy*

  4. Kelli said,

    Farewell Holly. Now your backyard experiences will be more enjoyable!!! Great photos!

  5. Kathleen Scott said,

    It’s sad you had to lose such a good habitat tree but maybe you can plant another kind of tree to offer summer shade and feed/house the birds? And when the girls are bigger they can swing or climb.

    Hope you’re feeling good, and the rest of the family is too.

  6. Amber said,

    Bye holly. I don’t blame you for getting rid of it.

  7. Kendall said,

    Great pictures. 🙂 We have holly bushes in our front yard. They were here when we moved in and since we’re renting, they must stay. hmph! I’m terrified to weed them, they need it desperately, but those suckers are SHARP! I’m glad that now T will be able to run barefoot in the backyard. Hooray for that!

  8. deb said,

    the ol’ man against nature, or nature against family.

    and I hope you know, that your words in my comments, made me cry.

  9. FooFoo said,

    Bye bye, holly tree. No more popping swimming pools and puncturing tender feet. That first pic, the black & white one, is really cool – I like how you did the selective colors.

  10. Uncle Gabey said,

    Nice tints… really artsy. Otherwise nobody cares about your sh*t-ass tree. Bring on the Puff!

    • Gabey said,

      I’m just kidding sweetie love you xoxo

    • Me said,

      HAHA! I know you speak truth, bro – but I care about the tree! this was a big event for us, believe it or not! And anyway – it IS baby-related. The whole reason for taking it down was for the Puffy one (and her sis, and the day-babies). . .

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