June 4, 2010 at 9:52 am (picture post)

“Sleep on, dream on. . .”

– The Chemical Brothers

New babies are always so sweet. Nothing on earth is better than an infant. . . except maybe a sleeping infant. Sleeping infants are the greatest. Hands-down. I love sleeping infants. . .

. . .ESPECIALLY naked ones. Yup! What could be more charming than a happily sleeping, naked newborn? So soft! So snuggly! Unparalleled in utter adorabillity. . .

. . . unless said happily sleeping naked baby also happens to be wearing the world’s cutest panda hat. *swoon*

My mom rocks! She always does her very best to fulfill my random, ridiculous, and often rather particular requests, which for some reason usually involve copious amounts of yarn (and time). Like when I demanded an entire kid-sized cupboard-full of crocheted food for T’s new kitchen set by Christmas. Or the seemingly continuous appeal for knitted wool diaper covers. . . Or, every once in a while, for a hat made just so – with ear-flaps and fuzzy black bits, in the shape of a panda bear, and sized for a newborn’s head – To be completed before the birth of said newborn. . . somehow she always comes through! Thanks mom. . .


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