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August 27, 2010 at 5:24 pm (picture post, status report)

“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.”

-Bennett Cerf

Last Saturday marked a very special event in the life of my elder daughter – she (finally) got to move into her brand new Big Girl Room!

T hadn’t been allowed into the room until it was finished. The picture above was taken the moment she first set eyes on her new space. But the photo doesn’t do her excitement justice, really – she was (and is) beyond thrilled with her new room. Here’s a few pics to show you why it’s the coolest room ever for a three-year old girl. . .

The walls are yellow, and the bed set is made by Circo. It’s called Love and Nature, and it’s absolutely adorable! T picked it out herself. . .

We used chalkboard paint on the closet door, which is uber cool and a kiddy dream-come-true.

The coolest things (I think) are the wall decals (that got spread all over) and the ridiculously cute hedgehog beanbag chair. I mean c’mon! It doesn’t get much more whimsical and childish than that!

But Teaball wasn’t the only girl to get moved to a new room this weekend. Along with big sis went all of her big kid stuff, and the space she used to inhabit has reverted back to what it always has been. . .

the nursery. . .

. . .complete with a happy baby.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get this room together – and the nursery before it. Nearly everything in both of these rooms has been a gift, from hand-me-down furniture to bedding sets, leaving us with the money we needed to spend to pull it all together. As always, our friends and family rock! I think every one we know has been involved in this project in one way or another, if not by giving us actual stuff, by offering advice, man-power, truck power, or babysitting while we got it done. Thank you, and we love you all. Another huge thanks to my darling husband, who worked on this project c o n s t a n t l y – every spare moment for two weeks straight. Not only did he fill the cracks and paint the walls (FOUR coats of primer, dude!), but he took the time to mount and hang the decorative pillow case as wall art, paint and cover the freecycle bulletin board with fabric, and paint the little handles on T’s freecycle desk to match the theme (with little chickadees and trees and flowers).

And just because I know you’re gonna ask, I’ll go ahead and give you the answer right now. T’s doing great in her Big Girl room on her Big Girl bed. She loves it. Every bit of it. And she (along with her good old lambie lovie) has been sleeping, well, like a baby Big Girl . . .


  1. Nikki said,

    that is an absolutely wonderful bedroom for Teaball!!! I want it for myself!!! 🙂

    That picture of the little one in the crib is so precious. Happy baby, indeed!

  2. FooFoo said,

    You did a beautiful job! Her room is spectacular. I like her owl pillow very much. T is wearing a beautiful dress. That ‘s one of the most adorable pics of Ro I’ve EVER seen.

  3. Ma said,

    VERY AWESOME!!!!!!!!! everything in T’s room is so cool! and the nursery looks like the nursery with an (unbelievable!!!!!) non crying baby! lol Really, you guys did a GREAT job! everything looks just like a little girl would want it to look! love you all, Gammy xoxoxo

    • Me said,

      Aww! You make it sound like she’s miserable all the time! My little Robaby is a very happy girly. She’s always laughing and smiling, and rarely cries – except when she’s being forced into being social.*shrug* Wonder where she gets THAT from smile

  4. Kelli said,

    You ALL did a fabulous job! The room is a dream and I wish I could move in. T would probably be a little upset. The happy baby is just so sweet. Enjoy! Don’t you just love hand me downs? Our house is filled with them!

  5. ChristinesLilSprouts said,

    Wow, such pretty rooms! I can see why T loves it so much! I too love all the decals…especially the tree…how neat! Now what I am wondering is, where do all those babies you care for during the day sleep?? I’ve though about adding another child to my list, but don’t know where I’d put ’em to sleep.

    • Me said,

      The daybabies sleep in a pack-n-play in MY room – but they nap in shifts, so it works out. The twins are younger, and still take a morning nap and a late afternoon nap (still in one pack-n-play, they’re sooo tiny!), and baby A takes a mid-day nap (at the same time as T). It works out perfectly, so I’ve only had to use one P&P (though I have another for when that changes). There was a time when Baby A slept in T’s room (while T was awake), but I hated telling T that she wasn’t allowed to play in her own room, so we stopped that ASAP, and I’ll never do that again. . . we’ll have to see how it all works out when the twins go down to one nap a day. . .
      good luck with your new daybaby!

  6. Leslie said,

    You finally got me to make a comment! All I can say is WOW! What a wonderful job the two of you have done with the bedrooms. Both rooms are fit for little princesses! In the 55 years that my parents had lived there, I don’t ever remember those bedrooms looking as pretty as they do today. (You should have taken before pictures….I can see how you needed all that primer to get rid of that horrendous pink!) The house was always full of happy memories when I was growing up there and I can see that you are following the tradition.

    • Me said,

      So nice that you decided to come out of the commenting shadows! I was wondering what you’d think about the transformation, being as you used to live here. Thanks for leaving us the bed – T loves the ‘secret apartment’ (she means compartment) in the middle of the headboard, and is always making it ‘home’ to some toy or another. Did you see lambie in the last picture? He’s the original you gave us at T’s baby shower, coming apart at the paws, but still T’s number one pal at bedtime! We have plenty of pictures that the evil pink walls are visible in, and you might be glad to know that we left the inside of the closet alone (except for a few decals) in tribute to what the room used to be. Oddly enough? It actually somehow matches the bedroom set!

  7. Tori said,

    Awe!!! I’m so excited for you guys to finally be done that project! Now is Mommy and Daddy’s new room done?! Haha Congrats it looks great! I can’t wait to come over and play with T in her new big girl room!

  8. Kendall said,

    Gorgeous!!! Will you come decorate my house??

  9. wecki77 said,

    The room looks amazing! What a great job.

  10. uncle Gabey said,

    What a big girl!!!! I can’t wait to come over and check it out! I’m thinking maybe Monday after work.

  11. Bryna said,

    That is SO fun! I do love the photo of her bounding into her new room. And mighty good taste in bedding/decor, I might add. Nola had the same taste (and hooty-owl pillow!)

    Glad the big-girl bedroom is working out so well for T. 🙂

  12. Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said,

    What AWESOME rooms!! You did a fantastic job … makes me wanna do something amazing to my boys’ rooms too!

    And the look on her face is PRICELESS. 🙂

  13. husby said,

    so… after two weeks of extreme drywall fixing, priming, painting, and decorating, this is what we ended up with… it is pretty awesome… never would have gotten to this point if it weren’t for the previous 8 years, the 18 days of courtship before that, and the four years of friendship in the beginning! Happy anniversary wifels! i love you TEN TIMES! you’re the best mother i know, and the best wife ever… and the thought had crossed my mind at the beginning of those first four years, back at monhegan, when everyone was still alive and the story was just unfolding… jeff and i had a small conversation about spending the rest of a life with someone… little did we know that it would actually happen… it’s been an interesting 12 years and 18 days, huh?

  14. Ki said,

    Beautiful rooms!! They are way nicer than any ol’ Ikea advert!

  15. Sharon said,

    What fantastical rooms!

  16. lenore Diviney said,

    love, love LOVE! ro in the crib is to die for! big girl asleep in her bed, I might die of cuteness! the rooms are FANTASTIC and you’re right. it’s ALL about that hedgehog chair. AWESOME!!!!!

  17. building bears « Huginn, Muninn, and me said,

    […] went on the day of the unveiling of T’s Big Girl room, because there was much top-secret work to be done before she was allowed in to view the end […]

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