September 15, 2010 at 10:51 pm (picture post, the continuing adventures of Superpuff)

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

This summer T got to participate in her first ever group activity! We signed her up for gymnastics, and she’s been having the time of her life! She loves everything about it, and if I could afford to sign her up to go 3 times a week, I prolly would. It’s just fun!

Her teacher’s name is Miss Paula, and let me tell you – she’s amazing! Aside from the fact that she wears an orange shirt (and everyone knows that people who wear orange shirts are automatically awesome), she manages to wrangle something like twelve three-year-old kids simultaneously and keep them safe and (mostly) waiting their turn in line, while letting them do ridiculous and possibly dangerous things only with the aid of one other adult (Miss Rebecca). And you know what? She SMILES the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME! She’s totally my hero. T loves her, too, and is always asking me questions about her; Can she do flips? What’s her favorite color? Does she wear panties? (I still don’t know the answer to that last one).

They do all kinds of silly and wonderful things there like;


And tumbling. . .


and sliding – on MATS!

They actually do a lot of weird things on mats. . .

They even go through through them, sometimes!

there’s usually a lot of balancing on top of things going on. . .

but they like to hang from things, too. . .

And on the very last day of classes, all of the children were given certificates of achievement. . .

and GOLD MEDALS for being awesome!

Then they each did a “ta-da” (which is what it’s called when you put your hands up above your head and look extra proud of yourself), and they let parents take lots and lots of pictures. Which I was more than willing to do, having waited 11 whole weeks for the chance (for a shutterbug like me, the wait was pure torture)!

T thinks that her medal is actually a picture of her and her friends doing gymnastics, and she thinks that she won it by being so good at doing her “ta-da’s”

Tumbling is awesome!


  1. Ma said,

    T is TA DA!!!!! sorry i couldn’t be there. she seems to have alot of potential! do we have a future Olympian in our midst?

  2. Kendall said,

    awww!!! That looks like so much FUN!! The pictures are great and it looks like they do alot of fun things. She totally got the gold medal for being AWESOME for her “Ta-Da’s.” 😀 And she’s got some chubby legs, mama! I love ’em!

    • Me said,

      Ha! Runs in the family. . . you should see her daddy’s *giggle*

  3. Lenore (trinity's mommy) said,

    oh my goodness. aren’t they just ridiculously cute at this age? what a good little tumbler! I see why she loves it. T is truly adorable! and those gymnastics outfits are to die for.

    • Me said,

      heehee, thanks momma! The ‘official’ pictures that I took of her are in the black leotard that she wore on all but the last week of classes. It was an OMG-classes-start-tomorrow-what-will-she-wear Target special. She loved it because of the sparkles around the neckline, but when it became obvious that we would be continuing gymnastics for another round, I couldn’t resist picking up 3 or 4 brightly-colored snazzy suits for my Little Lady. She loves them, of course – what kid wouldn’t??!

  4. runningoutofsteam said,

    That is too wonderful! I love the pictures of her with her medal. She looks so proud of herself.

  5. deb said,

    I’ve been wondering how you were doing??!!

    How cute . All of mine took gymnastics too. I think their favourite thing was jumping into the foam pit. Which I didn’t like because I thought it was probably dirty, but kids don’t think about this stuff.

    • Me said,

      YES! The foam pit is awesome! I couldn’t get any shots of it because it is just too far away – the gym is HUGE. She loves it, I kind of feel the same way as you do about it, but. . . well, whatever. I think the trampoline is her favorite thing, though. That or the balance beam.

      I’m here, and doing fine – thanks for asking! Just sooo super busy lately, plus all the kiddo’s (and the husband) have been sick with colds, so – yeah – drowning in a sea of snot! Blegh. . .

  6. Sarah said,

    So cute! I have thought about doing something like that with Marissa. I bet she would love it. Those pictures are adorable! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Me said,

      She would totally love it – you should do it! Can’t wait to see your pics 😉

  7. Nikki said,

    Oh, she is the cutest thing!!! My niece also loves gymnastics. And I’ve got to tell you, it really boosted her self esteem too. She used to be so self conscious of her body and wouldn’t show what she learned in class at home. She started when she was 5. Now she is 7 and she LOVES to show off!!!!

  8. Sharon said,

    how super awesome! YAy for T-Puff!

  9. Uncle Gabey said,


  10. Tori said,

    WOW! T is so big! She looks so old in those pics doing her “ta-da”. I can’t believe it’s over already… I remember when you were debating on signing her up! Are you ready for it again!

  11. FooFoo said,

    Oh, how did I miss commenting on this post?! I looooove T in her black leotard and medal of ta-da-ness!!!! She looks so proud of herself! That bouncing pic (on the trampoline) is SO cute. Just look at her go, the precious factor really shoots up. She looks so little, how can such a little person jump so high?
    They really give cool looking medals to the kids, that’s a really nice one. I love this blog post.

  12. twirl « Huginn, Muninn, and me said,

    […] She liked the dance classes a lot, no doubt about that, but she definitely had a lot more fun with gymnastics, and is looking forward to getting back onto the mats. . . and the […]

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