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November 2, 2010 at 8:33 pm (halloween, holiday, nummies for th' tummies, picture post, ro's colossal crusades, the continuing adventures of Superpuff)

“Trick or treat, you’re so neat.
Give me something good to eat.
Nuts and candy, fruit and gum.
I’ll go away if you give me some”

– Unknown

A few pictures of our trick or treat adventuring. . .

Halloween at Munkey Joe’s house is always a spooky affair, but as always, T is unaffected by such things as severed heads (though she was a tad bit concerned about the worms in his mouth),

Spooky cemeteries,

and giant fuzzy spiders (AWWW!)

Even such frightful faces as her own daddy with a hole in his head

and the terrifying zombie version of Munkey Joe didn’t phase her one little bit!

Ro didn’t care either. She liked the giant fuzzy spider just fine!

But there was much trick or treating to being done, so T headed out with her cousin Abby in search of some sugary goodness.

And sugary goodness they found!

lots and lots of it!

Mmmmmmmm. Candy!

at the end of the night, a tired (and thirsty) Teaball hitched a ride home on the twins’ wagon.

Bu those weren’t ALL the treats this holiday brought us. . . we had other special things, too!

Not all treats are edible, and this adorable Halloweenie hair bow collection arrived on our doorstep from Kendall’s TuTu Perfect Creations. She makes such beautiful girly things for us! (Thanks a MILLION, Momma!) T loves these, and Ro. . . well, she doesn’t pull them off so fast that I can’t get a picture 😉

But most of them WERE tasty treats,

. . . like Puff’s new favorite – MummyDogs!

These are what inspired our mummy craft – and T’s new (weird) obsession!

And what better way to eat them than with some fantastically spooky mac n’ cheese with noodles shaped like bats, jack o’ lanterns, and – you guessed it – MUMMIES!?

They look odd, but we made (and loved) banana and yogurt frozen ghostie pops with spooky raisin faces! Super simple kiddy creation…

And when we saw some Halloween sprinkles at Target’s $1 spot, we had to make enough mini cupcakes to accommodate them. . .

with Pilsbury’s special Halloween funfetti cake mix and icing!

we made SO many cupcakes. . .

. . . with SO many sprinkles (and candy corns) on top. . .

. . .it was ridiculous!

(and so was her face by the time we were done!)

Hope you had a treatastic Halloween!


  1. Mike said,

    Those mummy-dogs are awesome.

  2. Ki said,

    Geez, I had no idea you did so much for Halloween!! With all those treats you baked, why bother trick-or-treating at all? It just seems too easy for T…

    What a cOOl night!

  3. Kelli said,

    I’ve missed you all!! Glad to know you’re okay! T is amazing. My Sophie would have screamed and hidden from all the scary stuff! T’s hair is getting so long, perfect for the bows. Have a great week!!!!

  4. deb said,

    ah… I didn’t catch that you ‘d posted, so strange to be thinking of you when you did.

    and don’t for a moment think I’ve got this community thing down.
    there are 3 things making my blood boil at this very moment re other people . I can’t believe after knowing and believing and wanting I still am so petty and selfish and self-righteous. heavy heavy sigh. we’re all in this together , really we are. And your little ones are… well , little . You are running on empty so much of the time.

    love to you,


  5. Uncle Gabey said,

    MUMMY DOGS!!!!!!!

  6. Kendall said,

    I’m soooo glad the girls loved the bows! I thought they were pretty darn cute, myself and couldn’t wait to share. The mummy dogs are awesome! I love them. The goodies look awesome and the scary faces, both “dad’ and Monkey Joe kinda freaked me out. My kids would have wailed! lol The last two pictures, however, of T with those sprinkles all over her face were the bestest!!

  7. patty said,

    love that second to last photo of your daughter-toooooo cute!! the first one, too-oh my! 🙂
    it’s been a while for me-sorry! life got hold, and i’m feeling no end in sight! happy thanksgiving to you!

  8. Lenore (trinity's mommy) said,

    totally awesome! I love all the halloween craft posts. you are amazing to spend so much time having fun with your kiddos. my son won’t touch crafts with a ten foot pole.

  9. Munkey Joe said,

    i demand mummy dogs.

  10. Aunt Heather said,

    Thats my girl…

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