love shack

February 10, 2011 at 1:39 pm (christmas, craftiness n' colors, holiday, nummies for th' tummies, valentine's)

“The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together
love shack baby, love shack bay-bee!”

– The B-52’s

I love candy. LOVE it! Not even so much for eating (I prefer chocolate in most cases), I love candy because it’s so darn PRETTY!

So vibrant and shiny, all saturated with rainbow hues. Plus it smells so good! Who doesn’t like candy? I mean, really – how could you NOT like candy?! You’d have to be, like, pure EVIL or something. . .

I know someone else who likes candy, too. . .

I really wanted to do a gingerbread house this year with T. I mean I really really really wanted to do one. But I didn’t have the extra money to spend on a kit, and making our own would require skills that are wholly beyond me, like creating things that are the same size and symmetrical and have straight edges and stuff – I’d prolly have had to MEASURE – these things are sadly outside the realm of my expertise. Plus the old DIY would prolly have cost more in this case anyway. . .

But I was sad. Because (did I mention?) I REALLY wanted to make a gingerbread house! I never have before in my whole life, and T is at an awesome age for such things. . .

So when my mom was out shopping at the end of January and happened upon a gingerbread house kit on sale for $3, well she just snatched that bad boy up for us!!! Of course gingerbread and January don’t really go together hand-in-hand, but then. . . there was another holiday just on the horizon. A holiday that was filled to bursting with candy and love. Why couldn’t we? Why SHOULDN’T we? Why don’t we make a VALENTINE-Y GINGER BREAD HOUSE??!

So, if YOU were three years old, and someone said

“Hey! Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if we built a HOUSE out of CANDY and COOKIES? Isn’t THAT a good idea? Plus, we could eat some. . .”

What would YOU think about that?!

T was all in!

We had a fabulous time building our house of sweets. There were a few mishaps with the roof falling off (whomever put this kit together was most definitely NOT an architect, but they rock the straight lines, so all is forgiven), and in the end we decided to decorate it flat on the table, and deal with the building up after.

Ro woke from her nap just in time to enjoy a super special treat of rainbow sprinkles with a nerd or 4 mixed in for effect (and flavor) she was happy to behave her little self while we finished our creation.

After all was be-sugared, I busted out the old hot glue gun (unlike building, hot-gluing is a skill that I have honed over the years) and we built ourselves a house outta those very candied cookies!

We call it the love shack, because well, duh, and T loves it! (what kid wouldn’t?) And since she did the old one-for-you-two-for-me trick with the candy, aside from eating the tree and the gingerbread people, she was perfectly fine with the idea of using glue to stick the thing together – even if that did mean no more munching on it. . .

. . . except for maybe one last lick. . .

Thanks, mom! $3 bucks very well spent!


  1. Sharon said,

    AWWW! It’s fantastic! and glue gun! brilliant way to keep those pesky ginger-roofs on!

    • Nikki said,

      I love it! And you’re right, candy is just so PRETTY! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kendall said,

    aww cute!! A glue gun?!! I never would have thought to put the house together with a glue gun. lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I’m glad our gingerbread house came already put together.

  3. ma said,

    and a BEAUTIFUL, make sure you tell T i said that, house it is! i love it! and i love T and i love Ro and i love mom and dad ,too! you all are the best! Jesi, you are just too awesome for words when it comes to the babies, your full time ones and the day babies too!!!

  4. Kelli said,

    Now that is the CUTEST Valentine House of Candy ever!! I love the shot of Ro’s big ol’ smile!! Priceless! Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. Praying for a better day tomorrow!! (HUGS)

  5. FooFoo said,

    What a great Love Shack! T did a fabulous job lining up those candy shingles in rows. My goodness, Rowan looks extra sweet…..

  6. Bryna said,

    What a super idea!!! I saw the gingerbread houses post-christmas and couldn’t think of why anyone would buy one. Now I’m gonna keep an eye out next year! We are SO making a Love Shack!!!!!

  7. Uncle Gabey said,

    I love it!!!

  8. Carmen Chlada said,

    My favorite was the “one last lick” photo. Great fun!

  9. lenore said,

    love that house!!!! love the picture of t and r in the high chair, ro is getting BIG

  10. Jennifer said,

    would have never thought of decorating a gingerbread for V-day! wonderful idea….and only $3.00 too!!

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