terracotta friends

February 21, 2011 at 11:07 pm (craftiness n' colors, picture post)

“Snowmen fall from heaven… unassembled.”

– Unknown



1 pajama-clad crafty kiddo
(and her curious baby sister)

3 mini terracotta pots

3 wooden ball knobs

1 permanent marker

copious amounts of
white paint and glue

random bits and pieces of design, including:
puff balls, pipe cleaners, felt, and bitty buttons

a little bit of whimsy





But wait! These three are two-faced!









  1. Kelli said,

    You always bring out the crafty desire in me. AAAAAAAAAadorable!! The snowmen are kinda cute too!!

  2. Kendall said,

    Well now aren’t those snowmen just cute! The kids are cute too, but those snowmen! *wink* Do they play with them or are they “decoration” only?

    • Me said,

      Ro, no. But T got to play with them for the rest of the day before they became for decorative use only. . . they ARE mostly made from a mini terracotta flower pot, and I doubt they’d have stood up to much more abuse!

  3. Nikki said,

    I swear, you have the best craft ideas ever. I would never have thought to make snowmen like that!!!!

  4. Bryna said,

    Seriously? CUTE! And that quote… Love it!!!

    I’m gonna share this one with my mom… again!

  5. Uncle Gabey said,

    Awwwww so cute!

  6. tattytiara said,

    Well that’s like twice my daily requirement of cute in one blog post right there.

  7. Amber said,

    Very cute!

  8. ma said,

    i want a snowman! and i want big hugs from the girls! i believe i will start calling them more, just wanna hear ro yelling ma ma mo ma ma mwa! she tells quite the story!

  9. deb said,

    precious precious….

    even if they are snowmen….
    I’m ready for spring .

    and thrilled that I will get to see your brilliantly creative Easter posts soon. and adorable little girl cuteness .

  10. FooFoo said,

    Oh those snowmen are so cute, I like their scarves and ear muffs . . . You sure think of awesome crafts. T’s expressions are entertaining!

  11. Ki said,

    1…2…3… AWWWWWWW! I love the colors. 🙂

  12. Sharon said,

    Those are awesome! I’ll have to remember that. Seriously, how do you come up with this stuff?

  13. Jennifer said,


  14. rainbow’s end « Huginn, Muninn, and me said,

    […] made this little dude in the same way as we did our terra cotta snowman friends. Only we cut a large-sized orange pom-pom  in half for the hair and beard. *giggle* T said he […]

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