March 12, 2011 at 7:26 am (cheesy sentimentalities, pieces of me, sisters)

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

– Angela Schwindt

Sometimes I think the best part of my day is when both girls are in bed for the night. Then, for the briefest of shimmering moments, I am allowed to sit still, quiet, and alone with my husband. After the house has been restored to something remotely resembling tidy – dishes done and laundry folded – I creep in to check.

They look so sweet when they sleep. So good. These slumbering angels are so obviously incapable of creating the mayhem they do during their waking hours. I gaze down at their innocent little faces, seeing them so still and peaceful and blissfully quiet. Standing silently over them, I have a moment to cherish all that they are and take a breath infused with my eternal love for these two tiny people that God has given to me. And I’m sure that this must be my favorite time of day. Soon after, I retire to my own bed and join them in their slumber. My last waking thought as I slide silently off into much-needed sleep is that this is the best part of my day. . .

Ro wakes with the sun these days, and for that I thank her. Five or six AM is ever so much nicer than two or four. Midnight feedings have faded out, and she wakes happily. Through the monitor I can hear her smile. Sing-song babbles and joyful squeals show her delight in welcoming another new day. I am a bit slower and sadder about rising, and try to linger on in my bed, snuggled down and almost-dozing, grasping at the elusive tendrils of sleep for just a moment longer. As long as she’s chirping happily, I can hit my imaginary snooze button a time or two. And as I lay there listening to her bliss, I smile to myself, and I think that this must be the best part of the day.

Then a thump followed by pitter-patters lets me know that big sister is awake earlier than usual. She doesn’t have crib rails to confine her, and will come to rouse me from my sleepy nest. Sighing, I roll over and wait for the inevitable, still not quite ready to face the fun-filled day I’ve planned for them. But then sometimes. . . I hear a door that isn’t mine open and the jubilant shriek that is the greeting of the younger to the older. Creaking bed springs and wild giggling follow as big sister returns to the place that was hers not so long ago. The crib that now belongs to the little one has room enough for two, it seems. And their laughter mingles as it fills the air.

I struggle to push away all the worries that come to mind (images of baby’s broken limbs caused by bouncing elder sisters) as giggles and delighted squeaks drift up to me. Now wide awake, I sit still and listen to them in their merriment, playing together as only sisters know how. Like a fly on the wall, I eavesdrop as they steal a few rare moments together in a world without adults. Their joy in each-other is contagious and I want to go down and join in their fun, but I hold back for a few minutes more, unwilling to shatter the spell of daybreak.

And as I listen to the new bonds of sisterhood forming, I think this must surely  be the best part. . .


  1. YoMama said,

    I, too, remember those days of eavesdropping on you and your brother in the early morning! And the giggles and baby sing-songs. A much better method of waking up – as opposed to being ALARMED! (I had that word, and the device it represents). Enjoy these early morning times while you can. They disappear all too soon… (sigh)

  2. Kelli said,

    This is a beautiful post and it made me teary! They are so precious when sleeping and at least a portion of the time when awake. I LoVe the pictures. I”m so glad you share your gifts of photography and writing!

  3. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said,

    Great descriptions and writing! My daughter is 4 and I still go in and check on her before I go to sleep—I agree that is one of the best parts of the day! She is not the easiest in the morning, but I still look forward to her waking up and beginning the day! When she was a baby I loved hearing her wake up and she was the happiest little thing in the morning —all smiles—I miss those days! I guess you have the best of both worlds right now with an older and younger child!

    Thanks for all the positive comments left on my blog! They made my day! Looking forward to your St. Patrick’s day line-up!

  4. Amber said,

    This made me sniffle. Very sweet.

  5. ma said,

    this is probably the best post you’ve ever written, how very touching! you are probably, NO, you are the BEST mom i’ve ever known and my son is so very lucky to have you for a wife, the mother of his chiklren and his BEST friend! and i’m lucky you are my daughter in law!!! Jesi, you are just an AWESOME person!!!!, and i love you alot…

  6. Bryna said,

    This is so sweet and such a wonderful snippet of sisterhood. They are going to be such cute friends… 🙂

  7. Jennifer said,

    this surely has to be one of your greatest posts! I heart it very much!! they’re so precious–asleep and awake! :-))

  8. Ki said,

    I absolutely adore the pics in this entry. Time for me to change my desktop wallpaper at work!!

  9. blunt delivery said,

    i’m gonna go ahead and say my favorite part of havign kids will be when they sleep too.

    nah, just kidding. but they do look so sweet and innocent when they aren’t destroying everything!! it’s like the newborn syndrome. reel you in with that cute sleepyness then BAM monster!

  10. lenore said,

    what a great post.
    I completely agree with the whole thing, though I have one girl and one boy, there is a special bond between those first two siblings. can’t wait to see what number three does. I hate the trin is in an upper bunk and I can’t reach her to kiss when she is sleeping. I give blakes kisses though. They are precious. t just looks like such a sleeping beauty! it’s the big girl long hair. =)

  11. Sharon said,

    They’re really too cute.

  12. Kathleen Scott said,

    Your days aren’t easy but they’re beautiful. What gorgeous children! And both growing so fast!

  13. Kendall said,

    Such a sweet and sentimental post!! I agree that this is one of your best posts, though they’re all great. This just shows those rare moments when all is right in the world, the kids are getting along, noone is trying to kill one another or at the very least steal a toy, noone is screaming or demanding anything…the rare moments when we, as mothers, can sit back and say, “THIS is why I had kids…”

  14. FooFoo said,

    Rowan’s little sunny face smiling at you from the crib is so precious. You know, it’s funny that my 3 year old has now been climbing into the crib with his sibling some mornings, just like Teagan is doing! It’s only been a couple weeks. And they can’t get out so after much fun, they start the hollering to be rescued.
    Great idea you have for this post, the sleeping photos are really wonderful, and your narrative is so motherly and warm.

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