April 22, 2011 at 8:42 pm (birthdays, picture post, ro's colossal crusades, whimsically silly)

“There is nothing better than birthday cake. It’s like a slice of concentrated love with butter-cream frosting.”

– Animal Crossing

The cake smash is like a rite of passage around here. Performed only on first birthdays, the ceremonial smashing of the cake symbolizes the official end of infantile domination and celebrates the (very sticky and sweet) toddler who is now controlling our universe. I have looked forward to honoring this tasty tradition with my youngest for. . . well. . . a year! And last Sunday I finally got my chance!

Big sister put it best when she said;
“Mommy. . . that cake is SMASHED!
What a mess!

Happy first birthday again, Ro!


  1. Kendall said,

    OH how sweet!!! I’ve only done a cake smash with one of my three, but I’m already looking forward to #4’s first birthday so I can do another! 😀 I wish I’d done it with my first two, oh well!! I love the foot shot…I love baby feet, but when they’re covered in icing they’re even sweeter!

    Smashed, is an understatement!!

  2. alexis said,

    So cute. Audrey’s not too far behind. Our little ones are getting so big.

  3. Uncle Gabey said,

    AW! so cute!

  4. Swapan said,

    so cute pics. Enjoyed of seeing all pics with family.

  5. Ki said,

    She isn’t smiling much, but you can tell she LOVES the taste!

    And an Animal Crossing quote – very cOOl.

  6. Sharon said,


    Cake smash pics are the best!

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