March 8, 2011 at 7:43 am (birthdays, craftiness n' colors, holiday, nummies for th' tummies)

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

– Dr. Seuss

I know that today is a different sort of holiday altogether, and we’ll get to that one in good time, I’m sure, but it ought to be remarked upon that last Wednesday was what would have been the mythological Dr. Seuss’ 107th birthday! We like to make a bit of a stink about it, as he is quite the hero around here.

We started our day off leaning toward the frantic side of things, as the green food dye had gone missing (of all the days!), and T felt that it simply would NOT do to wait until lunch (and a trip to the grocery store) for her green eggs. Luckily for all involved, the miniature bottle was found in the nick of time (whew!) and we were able to add color our breakfast feast (scrambled style – last year we did it more classically), and our eggs and meat  were served with a new Seussy treat; Cat-in-the-Hat cream cheese toast!

Naturally they loved it.

During Ro’s nap times, T and I whipped up a huge (and also very green) batch of Oobleck (also known in this house as extraterrestrial goo, and not pictured here). Of course we literally read piles of books, T’s favorites being Horton Hears a Who and Horton Hatches the Egg. When craft time came around, I had millions of ideas for fun things to try. But T asked if we could do a Horton craft. . . so, as usual, we had to wing it!

T wrapped a dowel rod (cut in half) with green pipe cleaner, and then we tore the house apart finding little bits and snips of things that were pink. . .

Using a glue gun and with absolutely no idea in mind of HOW we were going to achieve the look of the clover, we just started randomly gluing sparkly bits of tulle, tissue paper, gimp, and ribbon willy-nilly like until T declared us done. Finally, we got out a white pompom puff, glued a white sequin to the top of it (T felt Whoville needed some bling) and attached it to the tippity top of our clover. PERFECT!

T declared her clover to be ‘fancy,’ and she is very happy with how it came out!

Then she wanted ears. So we found an old headband and some felt (she was a bit perturbed that I was out of both grey and baby blue felt, but a quick consult with the Horton BOOKS showed that the wise Mr. Geisel left his drawings black-and-white. So it was okay to use the bright blue.) T also insisted on pink inner ears, even though the illustrations show no such thing. Most of these were done by me and my glue gun while T played with her fancy clover and bravely protected her Whos from every imagined threat.

Then she pranced around for a while as good ol’ Horton, and we even got to watch the movie (a very special treat)!

I hope you had a happy Seuss-day!

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