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July 4, 2012 at 11:57 pm (independence day, picture post, sensational summertime)

“The United States is the only country with a known birthday.”

-James G. Blaine

Thought I’d stop by to wish you a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Hope everyone had a safe, happy, and wonderfully fun holiday!

* * * * *

Can you believe how much they've grown since last year?
Is it even POSSIBLE for Ro to fit into that dress already?
T first wore it in 2009 when she was two, retired it last year at four.
. . . when did they get so big!? 
Remember how small they both were on Rowan's first fourth in 2010? 
I'm SURE that Teagan's first fourth was also only a moment ago.
I clearly remember being sad to have nothing special ready 
for her very first holiday
. . . never let that happen again!
I miss this space, and am sorry for my absence.
It seems as if time has been falling away from me 
like sand through fingertips -
I can't find any at the end of the day, 
despite my clutching fistfuls. . .
I'll keep trying. The time I spend alone and quiet,
the sifting and sorting-through of 
thoughts, images, and memories of busy days
brings me much happiness, and I have sincerely missed it -
as well as reading all of the wonderful comments you all leave
to encourage us on our way.
Hoping to see you again very soon!

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