A trip to Dr. Jen’s

July 10, 2009 at 6:56 pm (status report)

“Now the thing about having a baby – and I can’t be the first person to have noticed this – is that thereafter you have it.”

Jean Kerr

Teaglepuff had to visit the doctor yesterday for her 2-year checkup. T loves Dr. Jen, and everyone in the office just adores my girl. They all know her by name, and the moment they hear her little voice, previously invisible office doors open, and all of the women in the building file out until she finds herself surrounded by an adoring audience of nurses and secretaries. T, of course enjoys nothing more then to be the center of attention, and preforms accordingly. The ladies of the office eat it up, thus feeding the vicious cycle.

This visit marks T’s last (health dependent) visit until she turns 3. Gone are the days of every-other-week appointments. . .even the 6 month checkup now has been left far behind us. As nice as it will be to have fewer trips to worry about, I find myself filled with a slight sense of melancholy. To me, the once-a-year appointment is a herald of T’s entrance into childhood. Her infancy is now a thing of the past. Only, I’m not really ready to let go of my tiny baby girl just yet. . .

Regardless of how I feel, tiny is a thing that Puff no longer is. My little 10th percentile infant has rocketed up to the 75th in both height and weight, coming in at a whopping 28.6 pounds and 35 inches tall! That is frighteningly close to 3 feet. Which isn’t terribly far away from 5 feet, which is what I am. However did she get so big?!

Dr. Jenn is always super-impressed with T’s vocabulary, and again commented that she is speaking 2-3 years above the level expected for one of her age. She was also thrilled to hear about the potty-training, and T’s progress with numbers, colors, shapes, letters, and drawing.

Dr. Jenn: *chuckles* I don’t even have to ask you any of these questions. T had already met all of these milestones back when she was one!

Me: Like what?!

Dr. Jenn: Weeeellll. . . *looks at chart* ‘Is T starting to string 2 or possibly even 3 words together into a sentence?’

Me: *laughs*

T: Dr. Jen, what is this little toy? Can I play with it, please?

Dr. Jen: *laughs* Easiest appointment ever! So. Do you have any questions for ME!? *turns to show T the toy*

In other health-related news, one of T’s 4 remaining teeth is through! This is very exciting, as it leaves us with only 3 to go (and a couple of years) before the Tooth Fairy can start collecting. It was her big bad back second-year molar on the bottom right, and she did remarkably well with it. No night wakings, no food refusal. . . only a mild bit of fussiness, and there it was. I hope the next come through just a simply. I hate teething, and it isn’t even my mouth! I can see the bottom left pushing its way up, I imagine we’ll be down to 2 and counting within the next week or 2. Looks like a first dentist visit will be just around the corner. . .

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