Faces of Puffiness

September 3, 2009 at 8:43 pm (picture post, random Puffs, whimsically silly)

I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll make an exception.

– Groucho Marx

TeaglePuff loves faces. . . she likes to draw them, make them, and force others to make them for her amusement. Its a bit of an obsession with her, as you may have heard. And as her mother, I must admit that I also have a bit of an obsession – with her face. And how could I not, really? I mean. . .look at it!

smiley face

Such gorgeousness! Such adorabillity! How can one help but to be smitten? *smits* And you know what the coolest part is? Her face is very similar to a couple of other faces I look at every day. . .

Mom and Dad somewhere around the age of 2-ish

“She looks just like. . .” is a hot debate that has been raging since the moment Puff was born. As I’m sure is the case in many families, my side of the family thinks she’s the spittin’ image of me, but the other side feels that she resembles nobody so much as her dear ol’ dad. To us, she just looks like herself, but after digging through some old photographs, I can see where the fam is coming from.

Our opinion? YES! She looks just like us. . .but she really looks just like herself!

As many of you do not have the privilege of seeing our beauty in motion, and since Puff’s current favorite thing is to emote, I have assembled a collection of the many faces of Puff for you to peruse. Feel free to formulate your own opinion as to which parent she most resembles. I’m still going with an even split. . .and waaaaaaay more cuteness than any one person ought to be in fair possession of. . .

sad face

frightened face

angry face

sleeping face

surprised face

silly face

crazy face

The next question is where the darling girl gets her sweet, sunshiny, cheerful, and whimsically SILLY disposition from. THAT question is very easy to answer. No debate. Hands down. . .

Teagan and her mom making silly faces at around the age of 2

. . .from her mommy!

(But that stubborn streak comes straight from her Dad!)


  1. Jenn said,

    She is beyond comical!! Love, love all of the expressions! Yeah, my vote goes to you mom! (Maybe with a tad of her dad mixed in 😉 I am sure she keeps you smiling–even with the angry face!!

  2. maygan said,

    wow, as far as I’m concerned you could all be triplets- except for the age difference! She’s such a cutie!

  3. wecki77 said,

    The sad face is yours! Even before I saw it next to your baby pic. Not that your face is sad, it just looked like you were making it. Love the faces. Way too cute.

  4. Kelli said,

    It’s amazing how much she looks like you both! She’s an absolute doll!!!

  5. KIM said,

    So cute! Love all the faces!

  6. WeaselMomma said,

    A. I love her faces.
    B. That girl personality and looks.
    3. She is a great mix of the two of you.
    D. Thanks for coming by world of Weasels.
    5. I’ll be back.

  7. Jo@Mylestones said,

    No matter who she looks like, she is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

  8. Ki said,

    I saw almost -all- of those faces yesterday… from the BOTH of you.

  9. babblingbookcase said,

    That is just way too cute!!

  10. Yourbiggestfan said,

    That is adorable!! I think she looks like you both…but i DO think she favors you. 🙂

  11. Tori said,

    I love the faces! The silly face is the best! She deffently looks like both of you… but more like you! She’s ADORABLE!!!

  12. Gabe said,

    HAHAHA you know what Puff has that Mommy doesn’t? Epicanthic folds! There are only two possibilities for this:

    1) She is retarded (we KNOW this isn’t true… she is ACCELERATED!)

    2) She is part Chinese/Japanese/Dirtyknees-lookitthese! (There is alot about Jeremy we don’t know… Yellow Irish?)

  13. BARBARA said,

    She is beautiful no matter what face she puts on and I like to believe we give our children the best of all of us and T is the proof of truth she has the very best of both of you.

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    […] searches that bring people here are for surprised, sad, and frightened faces. The images are from a post that dates back to 2009 (I can’t believe I’ve had this little blog up and running for […]

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