October 14, 2009 at 12:56 am (autumnal awesomeness, craftiness n' colors, halloween, holiday)

Little ghost, little ghost
One I’m scared of the most
Can you scare me up a little bit of love?

Little Ghost, The White Stripes
Puff plays with a set of Halloween window clings, her new favorite toy. She likes ’em so much, we even have them clinging to the bathtub wall! Its tough to beat this much fun for only a dollar. . .
Autumn, and especially Halloween, is such a fun time for me – and for my Puff. All other reasons aside, there are so many simple crafts for T to do,  we’ve just been doing them all! So I’m sorry if all of the ‘artsy’ posts are boring you, it’s just that we’ve been having so much fun over here. . . you’re just going to have to grin and bully through another one. . .or three! Please keep in mind that this is the first year that she’s really been old enough to do any of this fun stuff with, and that I’ve been waiting since I found out that I was pregnant to be able to do fun arts n’ crafts with her. I’m sure the novelty will wear after a  year or two, but for now – please bear with us!
A few days ago we made ghosts. This was such a fun project, and so ridiculously simple. Teaball was able to do most of it by herself – except for the cutting, of course…
First, she crumpled tissue paper into a ball…
then she folded 2 pieces of non-crumpled tissue paper over the ball she had made
she needed a bit of help twisting the pipe cleaner around the ghost’s neck tight enough…
Puff would have been happy with her ghosts if we just stopped right there…
we used black felt for eyes and a mouth – and then added googley eyes on top, for good measure.
Puff surveys her handiwork.
She likes her new ghostie friends!
and now they’re hanging all over the house!
Last year at this time, Puff learned that ghosts say “whoOOooO” She also learned that they say “BOO!” To this day if you ask her what a ghost says, she’ll reply with “whOOooOOoooOOBOO!” And every time she spies one of her little ghosties, you know she “whOOooOoBOOs” as loud as she is able!
More Halloween kiddy crafts coming up!
I’m sorry if its boring – we’re having way too much fun over here
it can’t be helped!

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