an announcement…

November 8, 2009 at 3:59 pm (cheesy sentimentalities, pieces of me, ro's colossal crusades, status report, the continuing adventures of Superpuff)

“Humans are the only animals that have children on purpose, with the exception of guppies, who like to eat theirs.”

– P. J. O’Rourke

I am pleased to announce that Super-Puff is well on her way to becoming a big sister!

The new addition is scheduled to arrive on or around the 15th of April 2010.

Please keep our growing family in your prayers…


  1. wecki77 said,


  2. maygan said,

    congrats!! What exciting stuff. I’m sure T will make an awesome big sister!

  3. Sarah Benedict said,

    I knew it as soon as I saw the title! I’m so happy for you guys and you will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. YourBiggestFan said,

    Hooray!! Congratulations(again) and I know that T will be an awesome big sister. 😀 So exciting!

  5. Shanette said,

    I’m so excited for you, Teeglebaum wll make an awesome big sister. My blessings are with you and I can’t wait for The Baby Blog2!

  6. Kaitlyn said,

    YAY!!!! The secret is out!!! im so excited for you guys…. now i can tell everyone!!!!

  7. Kelli said,

    I am thrilled for your family! This is exciting news!! Praying for a healthy pregnancy!!

    • Me said,

      Thanks everyone!!!

  8. Karen Cochran said,

    OUR VERY OWN BABY MAMA!!!!!! A baby is always good news–congrats to all of you–

  9. Jenn said,

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!! how exciting and I LoVe the way you told!

  10. Ki said,

    It’s kind of all already been said – by me and by others – but congrats and it’ll be super cOOl and I don’t even know what to expect! :] :]

  11. julie said,

    wow! congrats! how fun! i will pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy! prayer works!!! thanks so much for the sweet comment! it helps! i hope you visit again soon! looking forward to hearing all about the next nine months!

  12. deb said,

    To healthy restful belly days.

  13. Saumya said,

    Congratulations once again…So happy for you!! Puff will be a very caring big sissy!!!

  14. Chelsea said,

    omg…im so happy for you. congrats! let me kno if you need anything.

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