looking like Christmas..

November 30, 2009 at 12:45 am (cheesy sentimentalities, christmas, holiday, picture post)

“Christmas, children, is not a date.  It is a state of mind”

~Mary Ellen Chase

Our happy day of family and thanksgiving was ended upon the expectant note of things soon to come . . . treasures were hung and lights set all to sparkling, twinkling into the cloudy blue’s of my own small wonder.

Firsts can be found everywhere for one who stands so small, though few can be kept and filed away for future I remember whens. I will save this one. . .


  1. Kelli said,

    You have such a gift for writing!!! There IS sweetness in firsts and at least we as parents will cherish and treasure them!!

  2. Jenn said,

    This year will be really exciting for the small one! excited to hear about it……

    (hope you are well 😉

  3. Kendall said,

    Can’t wait to see all the Christmas arps and craps that you and Little Miss T do this season! It’s amazing how much of a difference there is between this year and last. They’re going to have so much fun and I do believe that 2 is when the memories begin to build…my three year old remembers last year’s Christmas, so…there you go. T will remember this special time as her “first christmas” though in reality it is not.

  4. Amber said,

    Very nice. 🙂

  5. Southern Gal said,

    This is beautiful!

  6. deb said,

    I miss those firsts.

  7. Michelle @ Graceful said,

    I love that quote at the top of this page — I’m going to paste it to my forehead for the rest of the season!

  8. Dayle said,

    Savor the moments.

  9. lenore said,

    you are an awesome mommy!

  10. ChristinesLillSprouts said,

    So precious! This is a great year for our little ones to get into the Christmas season! Love the pics, as always.

  11. Ki said,

    That is wonderful. I like her expression – she’s perfect. You really are the greatest mom ever.

  12. decked. « Huginn, Muninn, and me said,

    […] day after Thanksgiving, we women of the house decorate the tree. Last year, T got to help for the very first time. This year, we had a brand-new first-time helper, and T has become the seasoned pro of the house. . […]

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