just a bit confused…

December 14, 2009 at 3:16 pm (christmas, holiday, whimsically silly)

“Due to our continued dedication to excellence, colors and contents may vary.”

– Kid Kraft
I was half-way though wrapping a gift for Super Puff last night when my eye happened to fall upon this warning printed in minuscule lettering on the bottom of the box;


Now I’ll grant you that it was late at night, and after midnight my grasp on the English language can be a bit shaky at best. But after studying this cryptic message for a few minutes I figured it out. . . basically, what they’re saying is;

“Because we’re so totally awesome, and kick ass at doing our jobs perfectly and without fail, you may find that there is something completely different inside this box which has absolutely nothing to do with the product that you purchased. We’re the greatest!”

After reading it about 5 more times, just to be sure, I ripped my nearly finished wrapping job to shreds because I needed to make absolutely sure that the PINK TEA KETTLE I had purchased for my daughter was not, in fact, a NAVY BLUE DUMP-TRUCK! It wasn’t. The pink tea kettle pictured on the front of the box IS, in fact, representative of the pink tea kettle residing within.


But before I re-wrapped it, I took a picture. Because I do get confused sometimes, and I just want know if I’m misunderstanding something. . . Maybe you can interpret this warning for me? I’m afraid I just don’t get it. . .

P.S. Just for th’ record, Puff would be just as thrilled with a navy blue dump-truck as she will be with a pink tea kettle. . . but it wouldn’t match the teacups that I got for her. And that would be sad. . .

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