rainbow connection

December 15, 2009 at 12:35 am (cheesy sentimentalities, random Puffs)

“We live in a rainbow of chaos.”

– Paul Cezanne

In this house, we believe in magic. And that it can hide in the simplest of things – if only you care to look with eyes widened by innocence. . .If only you remember to forget the whys and the hows of it, and accept a thing for all that it is. Dust-motes dance through sunbeams, sparkling to a symphony imagined in our minds. Prisms are crystalline diamonds illuminated in enchantment. We are surrounded by a world that was created for us in astounding detail and brimful of miracles, but somehow. . . we always forget to look. We’ve forgotten how to see.
She never forgets. She doesn’t know that there is any other way to be. . .
Stop! Take a break! Look through the eyes of someone who doesn’t know any better. Contemplate the universe as if you’d never heard of science. Have faith in the miracles and believe in the magic. All of this world has been given to us. Chase the next rainbow you see – and maybe you’ll find that you can catch it after all. . .

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