handed lemons…

April 12, 2010 at 7:22 am (nummies for th' tummies, picture post)

“At my lemonade stand I used to give the first glass away free and charge five dollars for the second glass. The refill contained the antidote.”

– Emo Phillips

During a recent trip to the grocery store, Teaball spied lemons and asked begged me to get her some so we could make lemonade. It sounded like a totally awesome idea to me, so we did!

It should be known that this was not only a first experience for the Wonder Puff, but for me, too. Yup! I’ve never made lemonade – do you believe it?! But if there is one thing that EVERYONE knows, it’s that making lemonade involves the squeezing of many lemons. So me n’ the Puff got right to it!

Squeezing lemons is WAY harder than it looks, but we figured it out in no time!


LemonJUICE is NOT the same thing as lemon-ADE!!!
Can you say ‘bitter?’

Don’t worry, Teaball! Just add some sugar and some water and. . .

HECK YES! THATS the stuff!!!

Three cheers for LEMONADE!!!


Still hanging in there, y’all! No new babies yet! I’ll be working less this week than I usually do, so hopefully I’ll have a little bit of time to get some updates scheduled before the new arrival makes her grand entrance. No promises, though. Ro’s estimated arrival date is Thursday the 15th, but she could really get here any time within the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping sooner rather than later, but T was 4 days late, so who knows?! Please keep my growing family in your prayers!


  1. Sharon said,

    HUZZAH for lemonade!

    Y’all need one of those juicer do-hickeys like they make for oranges. That would make lemonade making easier. OR just cut the lemons in half squeeze hen put them into the pitcher a la the lemonade at The Park. oh yeah you wouldn’t know about that. Darned anti-baseball hippies. LOL

    We’re praying for you and Ro and a speedy easy delivery sooner rather then later. I can only imagine how done you are with this entire being pregnant thing.

    • Me said,

      “juicer do-hickeys” indeed! And I’m fairly sure I DO have one. . . somewhere. Its one of those things that I suspect came with the house!… We actually have an honest-to-God juicing machine, too – but we had so much fun doing it by hand!

      Your anti-baseball hippy comment had me giggling… we just don’t get sports around here, Lord knows I’ve tried!

  2. YoMama said,

    That’s fantastic! My babies made lemonade – and it was GOOD! I have never been able to successfully make lemonade from scratch. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it. Hmmm…

    • Me said,

      This must explain my lack of lemonaiding know-how! I’ve never really cared much about the stuff, one way or the other. But it WAS good, and me n’ the T had a wonderful time making it!

  3. Kendall said,

    awww!! That looks like FUN! Maybe that’s something that the kids, me, and Nana should do this summer. Congrats on successfully creating lemonade from scratch…also something I’ve never done. Sure looks like an adventure!

  4. maygan said,

    What fun!

  5. Sarah Benedict said,

    My girls LOVE lemons! What a fun idea! I might have to steal this one from you. Thanks for the update. Can’t wait for the big news on the big day! Does “T” have any grasp on the whole concept of being a big sister soon?

    • Me said,

      At this point I’m fairly sure she does, and she’s getting just as impatient about the arrival of her new little sister as the rest of us! She actually ‘adopted’ baby C the other day, saying “She can be my new little sister, mom. Ro is taking too long.” So silly!

  6. Kelli said,

    Praying for a safe delivery. I can’t wait to see this precious new little one!! We made lemonade today. Was delicious. I cheated though! Take it easy and looking forward to meeting the newest member of your family!!

  7. Kelli said,

    WOW!! You are a great google girl!! I have been wondering about that “plant’ and now the mystery has been solved. Thanks to your great detective work!! Thanks so much!! ((((HUGS)))) (Grape Hyacinth)

    • Me said,

      Glad I could help!

  8. Amber said,


    I love lemonade.

  9. wecki77 said,

    I love the pictures!

    Keeping you in my thoughts!

  10. FooFoo said,

    Wow, that lemonade looks so good, I want some RIGHT NOW!!! What a great idea T-ball had, what a cute photo of her little tongue sticking out the side of her mouth with her fancy glass of lemonade. I hope you got some lemonade, too. What a great post. Love it.

  11. deb said,

    As always, a caring and giving mom.

    I’m praying. And waiting with you. I hope you are able to post updates. A newborn.

  12. FooFoo said,

    By the way, I had to make a pitcher of lemonade that same night because of this post. Albeit frozen Minute Maid, but it was so good. Been having some every day since!

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