a long belated birthday

May 30, 2010 at 1:04 am (birthdays, catching up, craftiness n' colors, picture post, reminiscence, sisters)

If you don’t understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.”

– Linda Sunshine

I love my little sister. I always have. . .

We’ve been BFF’s for as long as I can even remember.

T loves her Aunt Ki, too. . .

They’ve known each-other for a long time now, and hit it off right from the start;

So when her birthday came around I wasn’t surprised that T wanted to make her a present. And since everyone knows that Ki’s most favorite thing ever (aside from blond nieces and their mothers *bats lashes*) is dragons, it also was no surprise when T insisted we make her one. However – the practical application of a (then) 2-year old crafting a dragon that would not Ki’s delicate sensibilities (as well as those of all dragonkind) offend . . . well now. THAT was a bit of a conundrum.

But like I said before, we really, really, REALLY like Aunt Ki. . .

So we just HAD to make it work.

There were many google searches, and pooled resources. . . and crafty friends consulted for advice (thanks, Kendall) until we finally hit on something that we could all work with (using materials we had on-hand at the time).


She did a great job, don’t you think? This was a very hands-on for mommy task (he’s double-sided), so there are no pictures of the making (unfortunately). But there it is. Finally. . .  Aunt Ki’s Birthday Dragon as created by Teaball.

*cue fanfare*

And why did it take SO long for this silly little dragon to finally make his début?

Because my sister is vain. And she didn’t like the picture that was taken on her actual birthday, so we had to wait until we took a picture that she approved of before posting about it. And THEN came baby Ro (yup! It was THAT long ago), and life got ever so much busier for me. . . But really?  It was a perfectly nice picture.



(I am in so much trouble!) 


  1. wecki77 said,

    Love the dragon.

    I too love my sis dearly but seem to always want to ring her neck.

    I’m just as bad as your sis about pics (as you should have seen when you asked if I wanted to be in the pic…most moms wan their pictures want taken with their kids…my girls are too cute to have me ruin a picture of them).

  2. Ki said,

    I don’t hate you… You aren’t in SO much trouble. That last picture is rather ridiculous, but I hated it GRANDMOM-STYLE so it had to be done.

    I DO love and appreciate the dragon though. 🙂 And I love you too! Thanks for the entry!

  3. Sarah Benedict said,

    That is adorable! You guys did a great job!

  4. deb said,

    Love it.
    Your sister is gorgeous btw.

    and thank you for your encouraging words. very much so.

  5. Bryna said,

    Love this post. Totally stealing your quote…

  6. Kendall said,

    awww!! What adorable pictures!! I think Ki is beautiful, even with the black “censored” box across her face! lol I want a sister like yours!

    The dragon is wonderful! And you’re totally welcome for the “minimal” assistance I provided. I’m glad you were able to figure something out to make it PERFECT!

  7. FooFoo said,

    Could that be the elusive mother of Teaball in the first pic? A REAL picture of you??? Wooooah. Very, very neat blast from the past.
    I like dragons, too. They bring back fond memories of special outings to Chinese restaurants. T’s dragon is wonderful!
    T and her Aunt Ki are cute together indeed. A big Yay for loving aunts and precious nieces.

  8. Carmen Chlada said,

    So funny ‘cus I know all of you and it’s sooo real. Nice touch on Christa’s censored face. Loved it. Love all you guys.

  9. Carmen Chlada said,

    I forgot to add: Wow! Ro looks so much like Christa-baby in the photo. Has anybody else noticed?

    • Me said,

      I have! But no. . . nobody else seems to have picked up on that. Though there is a post in the works about that. If I ever get there, lol!

  10. Sarah Craftylocks said,

    What fun! We have a LOT of dragons in our house and I rate that one as gorgeous!

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