first carnival 2010

September 10, 2010 at 8:22 am (picture post, ro's colossal crusades, sensational summertime, the continuing adventures of Superpuff)

“Our state fair is a great state fair Don’t miss it, don’t even be late! It’s dollars to doughnuts that our state fair is the best state fair in our state!”

– Oscar Hammerstein

In September of 2010, both my lovely lassies experienced their first ever trip to a carnival! It was very exciting for Teagan. She was fascinated by the lights, people, and noise that accompany such events – not to mention the rides and games! Ro was too little at only four months old to care about much of it, but she watched with big saucer eyes from the confines of her stroller (or mommy’s arms), and soaked in the atmosphere in her own tiny-baby way – and without much fussing (for a change)!

We joined up with Daybaby Alex and her family, but as she was just a smidge too small for most of the rides, we ended up going our separate ways before too long. Total bummer for the girls, as we were really looking forward to them being able to ride together. Alex was just a hair too short, though I’m sure that next year she’ll be just right! Despite all appearances, A actually was having fun on the baby coaster. . .

Puff, on the other hand, was the right size for most of the kiddy rides, and she had a fantastic time on each and every one she tried!

T had her sights set on the Ferris Wheel until we were actually beneath it. When she realized just how small a 3-year old girl is in comparison, she opted for the carousel instead. . . and there’s nothing like a carousel to make my big girl smile!

She also got to try her hand at a few games! The Care-Bear prizes at the basket-ball stand caught her attention (T has a vast collection of the 8 inch Care Bear plushies).

The woman running it was nice enough to let T give it a go without charge, unless she actually managed to make a basket or three. Obviously that didn’t happen, but T was a good sport about it!

Eventually we found some games that she could win. We played them even though they were quite a bit beneath her skill level, because you can’t leave the fair without winning a prize!

Wonder of wonders! Puff got a duck out of the millions floating by! How is it possible?!! To be honest, T was a bit confused by the whole thing. Because it really isn’t a game, is it?

Nevertheless, she liked catching her ducks just fine, and liked choosing a prize even better!

After MUCH deliberation (T is indecisive when it comes to such things, she gets it from me), she settled on a purple monkey. She really likes that thing! (even a year later, he’s still getting played with)

Of course, not all the chicks at the carnival are made of plastic! We made sure to stop by the petting zoo to see some adorable farm animals. T really enjoyed seeing the little piglets, cows being milked, and was very impressed with the sheep getting shorn, but the newly hatched chicks in the incubator were her very favorite (mine, too)!

After so much excitement, it was time for a break – and some traditional fair food. In this case, funnel cake!  One simply MUST have funnel cake when one visits the fair!

For T, it was love at first bite (I don’t think she’d ever seen that much sugar in once place before). You can tell she enjoyed it by the insane I’ve-just-had-way-too-much-sugar-and-am-losing-my-mind grin in the image above!

By this point poor little Ro was so exhausted she simply could not keep her eyes open. She tried so hard to stay awake and not miss any of the fun, but it was a big day for such a little girl! Not only did she fall asleep without finishing her bottle, but she actually passed out in the middle of giving her toys a shake! Her chubby arm stayed right there up in the air for a good ten minutes before I gently pushed it down. . . and with that, it was time to go home.

What a fun-filled day!


  1. Kendall said,

    omg that looks like SO much fun!! And Ro looks alot older than 4 months in that picture. 🙂 How cute!

    • Me said,

      She was only a week or so away from 5 months!

  2. Furry Bottoms said,

    The wonder one sees through the eyes of a toddler… is priceless! I miss going to the fair. Nobody will go with me!

    I love how both the girls have clear round eyes. They take in everything!

    • Me said,

      You come here to visit, and WE will go with you. And you’ll be as worn out as Ro was by the end of a day spent chasing after these two, I promise! 😉

  3. FooFoo said,

    Oh how I miss the age of three….T and Ro are fairtastic. They’re so recognizable, and no matter how little R was, she so very much looks like herself. T’s funnel cake pics are adorable.

  4. bluntdelivery said,

    hmmm. oh the fair.

    used to go every year with my parents. my friend and i would break off as not to be seen with them of course. she couldn’t get enough of those stupid rides. the Himalaya… oh man. now you couldn’t pay me a mil dollars to ride one of those rickety things. haha

    still love going though!

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