November 29, 2010 at 10:18 am (cheesy sentimentalities, random Puffs)

“Love is patient. Love is kind.
Love is having a fluffy behind!”

– Unknown

Happiness is. . .

Having (almost) all the diapers clean at the same time!

I’m proud to be a cloth-diapering, breast-feeding, baby wearing, kinda crunchy mom. . .
and I think Ro likes it, too!


  1. Nikki said,

    I think Teacup is particular to you too! 🙂

  2. Kendall said,

    Oh my gosh! She’s adorable and I LOVE the fluff!!

  3. Sarah Benedict said,

    Just curious…what is your favorite diaper? Are you a fan of one sized???

    • Me said,

      Right now it’s the rainbow one, but yesterday I liked the one with the embroidered monkey on the bottom. . . and the minkee one with the purple, pink, and green spots is my favorite too. . . OH! And then there’s the one with the pink stars on it. . . and the NINJA diapers – love those. The ooga boogas rank high up there, too. . .

      Oh. That wasn’t what you meant, was it?
      Be warned: You are opening a can of worms here. . .
      Asking me to pick a favorite type of diaper is like asking me to pick a favorite daughter. It can’t happen. I love ALL my fluff. . .

      My diaper obsession started with T, and so far I haven’t bought a single diaper for Ro (though I would if I had the money too, oh yes I would. I’m a bit obsessed with my um. the baby’s fluff). Our stash is extremely varied. We have AIO, AI2, pockets, fitteds, prefolds, pul covers, wool. . . you name it and I prolly have it or have tried it. From time to time I wish that I could get an entirely new set of diapers of XXX variety (changes every time) but the truth is that I love ALL of them for different things, and as the babies grows and change, different types/brands fit better – so my faves really do change around.

      Fitteds/prefolds are my #1 choice around the house without a cover (or with a pair of wool longies) and as far as they’re concerned Green Mountain Diapers has the best cotton prefolds hands down. Cloth Diaper Mama’s fitteds are to die for if you’re looking for some serious fluff, but for a trimmer option we love our Mutts.

      If we’re talking about PUL diapes, our go-to for pocket diapes is FuzziBunz, These are so great for when we’re out, and T used them overnight for a long while, too (though that was before we discovered the CDM’s). . . As far as AIO’s go, I will always be in love with SnuggleButtz, but I hear she’s out of business. So boo. . . and for the trimmest option out there (yes, my baby CAN wear jeans) Daisy Doodle’s are fabulous!

      One sized diapers scare me with all of those snaps! I can never seem to find a good fit until my babies can wear them with the rise let out. . . I do have a few of these, but they’re my laudry day diapers, because I haven’t found one I love yet. Actually, unlike the rest of the universe, ALL of my Bum Genius diapers are the last to be worn in our stash, and many of those are the OS pockets (AIO’s too)

      Also, we were given a set of newborn Gdiapers when Ro was born, and I really did like these. I’d like to get some more (the disposable option can come in very handy for daytrips), but I she does’t really n any diapers, and so don’t have the $$$ for them right now 😉

      *closes lid of worm jar*

      • Kendall said,

        I have to *giggle* loudly at your post! You’d better stash that worm jar somewhere safe, because you’ll probably need to open it up again sometime. 🙂

      • Me said,

        Girrrrrrl. . . you of all people know how I feel about my diapers! And hmmmm. . . now that I think about it, you’ve picked worms out of that jar, too! >.< Glad your baby girl joined the ranks of the fluffy behinds!

  4. deb said,

    can someone have diaper envy?
    I wish they had these when mine were at this stage. I was a rebel among my crowd, and used cloth and those plastic/rubber covers like the good days. And pins.

    Not only was it cheaper, greener, more comfy , etc, I loved the real of it you know?
    I actually hung them outside to dry when I could too.

    Having said that , my fifth little surprise bundle was born in a different house, with none of the supplies having been kept, and a few friends who bought me cases of disposables and I caved. If these reusable ones were available then I would have been all over them , but I stuck with the disposable . I did go to big girl panties very early and tried to stick around the house to get the training done as early as the others. And of course she was eager to do what her sisters were. I think “feeling” the wet helps re the training .

    wow… ramble.

    • Me said,

      LOL! It’s nice to know that people can actually appreciate (as opposed to laugh at. . . or ponder the insanity of) my diaper collection. I also like to hang ’em out to dry. . . and we live in the city >.< My mom used those ol' Gerber prefolds with the 'rubber pants' on me n' my sibs back in the day, and believe it or not, even with all of these adorable snap/velcro/waterproof AWESOME diapers, I find myself going for the plain and simple prefold-and-pin (like she's wearing in the picture) classic diaper more often than you'd think!

  5. runningoutofsteam said,

    I love those things though we don’t use them. Daycare would never allow it (yet another reason to hate daycare and/or work). I too have diaper evny.

    And still, those pics are adorable!

  6. Kelli said,

    You should be PROUD!!! Ro couldn’t be any cuter! Not using cloth diapers is on the list of regrets. I can live through you! (BTW, I did make the pillowcase dresses. Don’t look to closely or the imperfections will really stand out!)

  7. Munkey Joe said,

    Woah they come in colors?

  8. Kathleen Scott said,

    So precious! I’m proud of you too. Your little ones are growing up knowing what real is.

  9. FooFoo said,

    Ro’s necklace is very cute on her. She looks like a baby tigress in the second pic.

  10. Bryna said,

    With the way my daughter can poop through three diapers in a 5 minute interval, I’d love to save the (long-term) money on cloth. The washing of them though, scares the crap out of me. Pun INTENDED!

    How does that work?!?!?!

    • Me said,

      haha, getting down to the nitty gritty, lol! When they don’t eat solids, their poo is runny, so it soaks right into the diaper and then washes right out. I’ve had far less of a problem with blow-outs using cloth over disposables, because it absorbs the wetness faster. As they get older and solids enter into the diet, you plop the poop off the diaper and into the toilet. There are these wonderful things called diaper sprayers that attach to the side of the toilet so you can squirt off the sticky ones. *blegh* or you could use the old-fashioned dunk-and-swish method like the did in the old days 🙂

      When washing, do a cold water rinse first to take care of any other solids that might be hanging around (ew) and then a hot water wash. I always do an extra rinse at the end to make sure all the detergent has been rinsed out, and whallah. Clean beautiful fluff!

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