another half!

December 18, 2010 at 10:51 pm (birthdays, holiday, status report)

“Well begun is half done.”

- Aristotle

It’s that time of year again! Time to mark the passage of time and declare the Puffy Wonder to be another HALF-YEAR OLDER! Three and a half. I can’t even believe it!

I gave her an interview (just like I did last year) to get a little glimpse into the wonderful world of Puff. . .

Favorite hair style: Indian braids (as in the picture above)

What do you think makes you different from everybody else: I have blond hair. AND blue striped footy pajamas!

Favorite color:Purple

Favorite songs: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Skip to my Lou, Twinkle Twinkle little star

Favorite T.V. Shows: Ni Hao Kai Lan, Yo, Gabba Gabba, Blue’s Clues

Favorite wild animal: Elephants

Favorite domestic animal that can live in the house: Parrots! Well. . . and dogs and cats, too. (For the record, Puff has never even seen a parrot.)

Favorite drink: Apple Juice AND hot chocolate

Favorite food: Blueberries!  (but since there’s a ‘fruit’ section I made her choose a different answer) Pizza!

Favorite non-fruit snack: Crackers

Favorite dessert is: Pumpkin Pie and ice-cream and cookies.

Favorite fruit: blueberries (fresh OR frozen) and tangerines. But if there was a blueberry on her plate with a tangerine next to it, she’d eat the blueberry FIRST.

Favorite vegetable: baby carrots (with dip) and broccoli (with CHEESE)

Favorite manner of dress is things to wear: Feather boas. And princess crowns. (but what are your favorite things to wear that aren’t from your dress-up bin?) Pretty skirts and tights and a shirt. And my ladybug shoes. And my blue striped footy pajamas.

What things are you BEST at?): Painting, running super-fast, jumping, singing songs

What things are you BAD at?: squeezing silly bear’s tummy very hard. I can only squeeze his hand *makes sad face* (silly bear is a sing-a-ma-jig)What is hard for you to do?:  Share my toys sometimes. . .

What makes you angry: When Ro has something in her mouth and she isn’t allowed to eat it – like my toys!

What makes you sad: spankings

What makes you feel heroic?: I feel heroic when I put on a CAPE! (my favorite answer ever. Cuz’ DUH.)

Favorite toys: lambie and my Care Bears and my elephants. But I’m going to get a Scout for Christmas and then THAT will be her favorite NEW toy.

Favorite games: When you let me build that face on the TV game and then we played soccer (she means the Wii, and building her Mii). And Tux Paint.

Favorite games NOT on tv or the computer: I like the memory game. And playing store. And playing with my kitchen. And my dollhouse. . . and when we build a FORT!

Favorite books: The night before Christmas, Wacky Wednesday, If you Give a Pig a Pancake

Favorite movie: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Care Bears and the Big Wish

And because you know I just HAVE to. . . here are the ghosts of half-day’s past. . .

2 and 1/2

1 and 1/2



  1. Kelli said,

    WOW, time flies! She is so smart and I’m sure to be as witty as her mom!!

  2. Sarah Benedict said,

    So cute! I love that you ask her questions like an interview…I might have to steal that idea!

  3. runningoutofsteam said,

    Um…sorry the silly bear made her make a sad face. She’ll get it, and then you won’t be happy that she’s good at it 🙂

    I too love the interview.

  4. Bryna said,

    The interview is the best part! Great answers!!!

  5. Kendall said,

    awww!! Way too cute! I love the interviews AND the flashbacks. Happy Half Birthday T!!

  6. Ki said,

    So dang old… You can definitely tell – she looks LONGER now! P.S. The cape line is pretty funny. I didn’t know that she knew what “heroic” meant, but she hit the nail right on the head.

  7. FooFoo said,

    Happy 3 1/2 Birthday, Teagan! Keep growing! But if your mom is like me, she wishes she could shrink you down younger.

  8. bluntdelivery said,

    waiiiiit a minute.

    my favorite hairstyle is still braids

    and i too would choose pizza, but only if i had to forgo the blueberries as a choice.

    i’m starting to think i’m one of your long lost daughters?

  9. Sharon said,

    wow another half year already? Happy (belated) half birthday T!

    and you’ve inspired me to steal your questionnaire here in 4 months for my own little one

  10. Jennifer said,

    Love the interview and pictures…she sounds sooo grown up, more like 4 1/2!! LOL!

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