December 29, 2010 at 5:29 am (christmas, craftiness n' colors)

“Meanwhile, the elves are bustling with activity. Christmas is over, but they still keep busy with lessons in elf improvement.”

– Snowman (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

I’m still catching up with Christmas crafts, so here is an obvious one for you!

Clothespin reindeer rock! I did ’em when I was a little kid, this craft is a classic in my family! Me n’ my big girl had such a wonderful time working together on this project that we didn’t want to call it quits when little Miss Ro woke from her morning nap – even though our Rudolphs were finished by then. . .

Sooooooo we gave her some materials to ‘craft’ with (including giant puff balls and unpainted wooden clothespins with ribbons and jingle bells attached), and got back to work making a companion for our lonely little deer!

The type of clothespin that we used for this project is different, it’s rounded where the reindeer type is flat. I suppose you could use either, but we happened to have both on-hand (thanks to a random freecycler’s hand-me-down craft box, yay!). This was more involved for T, and took quite a bit of skillful painting on her part! The main ‘body’ of the pin was painted red, the ends in black, and the round ‘head’ was done in a kind of skin tone. . .

Ro was kept very busy making her own masterpiece, and jingle bells tied to clothespins with bright and pretty ribbons became everyone’s favorite thing around here for the next couple of weeks!

The end result of Teaball’s hard morning of crafting was 6 matching sets just like this one:

Aren’t they adorable??!


  1. wecki77 said,

    They are very cute. So is Ro with all that smiling (and I’m sure some giggling going on in there).

  2. ma said,

    how cute! i wanna pair for next year!

  3. Kendall said,

    How very cute! Though that santa in the last picture looks a little weirded out like there’s something in that corner (Maybe Ro? Though she’s terribly cute playing with her craftin’-pieces:P)
    I think it’s super cute you put a jingle bell necklace on those reindeer…NEVER would have thought of that!
    I’m upset we didn’t do anything like this last year…it was just not a good month for crafts for us!
    Hoping to get back into the “spirit” for Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait to see what else you’re crafting.

  4. Nikki said,

    They ARE adorable… not just santa and reindeer, but the girls as well!! T really likes to do crafts, and that is awesome!!

  5. Ki said,

    Gosh, that looks way FUNNER than back when we used to make them! R is in hysterics… 😛

  6. Kelli said,

    These craft pictures are adorable from the expressions to the finished product!!

  7. Jennifer said,


  8. Sarah Craftylocks said,

    What fun – I might have to start on Christmas Crafts again already.

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