turning one

May 16, 2011 at 6:07 am (birthdays, party time, picture post, ro's colossal crusades)

“‘And now,’ cried Max,
‘let the wild rumpus start!'”

–  Max
(Where the Wild Things Are)
As you all know, my little Robegon girl recently turned one! Here are a million (and one!) pictures from her big day!

Ro greeted her birthday morning (at 6 am) with a nice warm bottle of milk and a pile of pretty tissue-paper wrapped presents. . .
Ribbons are FUN – and so is the mousie sorting box!
Big sister helped get her through the sticky parts. . .
. . . and PANDAS!
Can’t have a birthday girl breakfast without cupcakes!
A few hours later, it was party time! Even though days of tornado watches, furious winds, driving rain, cold temperatures, and even power outages sought to get us down, party day dawned bright and beautiful – if a bit gusty! Thank God for that miracle!
All the food and goodies had to be moved inside to keep from blowing away, but luckily for us, my owly art center matched Ro’s owly party theme *almost* perfectly!
There was just enough room to park the birthday girl’s fluffy behind on the table while we all sang happy birthday!
Big sister enjoyed her cuppy cakes almost as much as her tiny counterpart!
Close up shot of one of the brown owly cuppy cakes on an invitation!
Munkey Joe got the best picture of the day!
THAT’S what I call a happy birthday baby!
One more cupcake for Ro!
Hmm. . . maybe that was one too many??!
How many cousins does it take to flip a hammock?

Present time!
A cherry on top??!
Soooo PRETTY! What can it be?!
Ro shows daddy all her fabulous new prizes!
Nothing better than swinging with friends!
Up, up, and AWAY!
Big sister love!
*squishy kissy*
T made these beautiful owlies based on the ones found here, but we glued them down to a piece of cardboard and filled them up with rocks to keep the wind from blowing everything away – she did this with butterflies for her own party last year!
Ro says “Bah-WOOOO!!!”
The end of a long and happy day. . . full of fun and fabulous new toys to throw all over the living room!
T said her sister is the “Queen of One”
A huge thanks to everyone who came to make Ro’s first birthday a real HOOT! She loves every single gift she was given, and had an all-out fabulous baby day!


  1. Kendall said,

    YAY!!! Happy Birthday Ro, again!! The cupcakes are gorgeous and it looks like the party day was a huge hit. 😀

  2. Uncle Gabey said,

    Very nice!!!

  3. Bryna said,

    WOw!! Happy Big Number ONE to Rowan!!!! And I LOVE her shirt that you (obviously) made for her!!!!!

  4. Nikki said,

    That looks like a fantastic party!!! 🙂 I love how the girls are wearing matching outfits, and the bottom soles of Ro’s shoes… and all the colorful wrapped presents. The Owls are cute!!!!

  5. wecki77 said,

    I love the pictures (as always)! Ro’s present from Audrey is sitting and waiting…for when we all have some free moments that are at the same time.

  6. Kathleen Scott said,

    Everything was so cute, most of all Ro. Loved the owly theme and Ro’s cute little tutu.

    And T looks quite grown up, as if she’d skipped years up to 10.

    And I am sooo glad I don’t live close enough to have indulged in those sinfully-good-looking cupcakes.

    Happy party to all.

  7. Carmen Chlada said,

    Great photos of a special day!

  8. Amber said,

    LOVE the pictures and her birthday outfit. Looks like it was a great party.

  9. YoMama said,

    Great day! Great party! Great pix! Great babies! Great EVERYTHING! Baby Girl, you’re GREAT!

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