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“Talk in ever lasting words and dedicate them all to me.
And I will give you all my life I’m here if you should call to me.
You think that I don’t even mean a single word I say.
It’s only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away.”
– Bee Gees

T: I’m pretending that I have a kaleidoscope! And YOU’RE sitting on it
Me: *blinks* Uh. . . well. . . I’M pretending that it’s in your HAND!

Robee loves pandas. She has a large collection of them already. She also can SAY panda, but it doesn’t come out quite right just yet. When Ro says ‘panda’ what you hear is ‘Bama’ Which is close, and yay for her! But if you should ever hear her shouting;


Please know that it isn’t really patriotism on her part, but only that she happens to have seen A PANDA!

T: I keep trying to catch the sun-beans, but they’re really floopy!
Me: darn those floopy sun-beams! They slide right outta your hands EVERY TIME!
T: But I keep on trying, mommy!
Me: Rock on, Puff. . .

T: *shivering * The cold air makes my teeth all wiggly!

T has fallen from her bed, but is still mostly asleep. We rush in when we hear the crash. Her Dad scoops her up and is checking for injury;

D: What did you hit? (he is expecting an answer along the lines of ‘my head’ or ‘my elbow. . .’)
T: *groggily* The floor. . .

Me: Good morning, Ro!
Ro: *holds up blanket* IT’S A BOO!
Me: *giggles* You have a BLANKET! So soft!
Ro: (enunciates very clearly) It’s. A. BOO!
*Ro puts the blanket over her head and waits*
*I noisily search the room for her*
Me: ROOOWWWAAANNN! Where aaaarrree yoooouuu??!
Ro: *grins and shakes blanket triumphantly*

T: Mommy. . . my flowers need sunshine to grow and be happy.
Me: Yes, they do. That’s why we keep them on the window-sill.
T: Yeah, but. . . it’s night-time. There isn’t any sunshine at night.
Me: True, but they need to take a rest time, just like you.
*T ponders this, and I consider the subject closed*

*10 minutes later*

T: But mom? If I had a superhero cape, then I could fly my flowers up into outer-space at night. Because the sun lives in space, and is always shining there.
Me: I suppose so. . . but YOU aren’t allowed to go to outer-space past your bed-time. Even WITH a cape.
T: *sighs*

T: “Be careful, mom. . . there’s a lot of Nazi’s in there.”
(to be fair, she said KNOTSIES, and her hair was super-tangled and hard to comb that morning)

T’s father has taught her how to draw fish. As a result, she’s been drawing underwater scenes constantly. . .

T: I’m going to draw a submarine!
Me: Cooooooool!
*T grabs the yellow crayon, because EVERYONE knows that’s the color of any self-respecting sub.
She draws an oval, then gets her black crayon and makes several porthole ‘windows’ along the side.*
T: Mommy, can you draw some ANTS in these windows? Then it can be JUST like the song!
Me: Ummm. . . those were BEATLES, kid! And they weren’t even the bug kind!

We’ve been trying to convince Ro that it’s okay to drink milk from a sippy cup. She disagrees with this theory. The first (and last) time I tried a cup first thing in the morning went like this:

Me: Good morning, baby!
Ro: Hiiiieeeee MOMMY! *bounced in crib* BAH?
Me: *hands her the cup* Here is a nice cup of milk for you!
Ro: *looks dubiously at the cup, tries a sip, and whines* BAH!
Me: It IS your milk, but it’s in a big-girl sippy! Try it!
*repeat the above for the better part of an hour before and after breakfast*
Ro has come to the conclusion that mom OBVIOUSLY is not understanding her repeated requests for a ‘BAH.’ She comes over, climbs up onto the couch beside me, and tries one more time.
Ro: BAH?
Me: Here is your milk, Ro. It’s in a CUP. It’s YUMMY!
Ro ponders the situation at hand, I can just see her brain working behind her eyes. After a little while she seems to have worked it out. She stands up – so we are eye-to-eye. . . and very slowly and deliberately, making sure I’m watching her, picks up her cup and THROWS it off of the couch.
Me: Y’know what, kid? You win. . .
*I then put her miw into a bah-yool as requested. I can only resist for so long, especially when she put it SO plainly for me to understand! Since then, she’s gotten better about milk in a cup, but NOT in the morning.*

Teaball and Alex are having a conversation:

T: I’m a big girl!
A: Me, TOO!
T: Well… you’re a tiny bit little and a tiny bit big.
A: Yeah, my am a tiny bit little.
(A usually uses the word ‘my’ in the place of ‘I’)
T: I’m a tiny bit little and a LOT bit big
A:*nods* Baby Ro is little.
T: Baby Ro is a LOT bit little, and a tiny bit big.
A: Do you know how big you are?
T: I am three-and-a-half bigs. But soon I’ll be FOUR BIGS!

Ro has a generic word.
well. . . the isha part seems to be along the lines of ‘it’s a’ and to be fair, ‘ba’ means practically everything;

bah – bottle
bah – ball
bah – book
bah – bear
bah- block
and more!

But when she actually says the above-listed bah’s, I (as mommy and sole interpreter) can tell by her inflection that she actually is saying different words. And when she says ‘it’s a bah’, she actually enunciates. Ishaba is neither of these things. It just is. It’s Ro’s special most favorite word. It can be a statement, a question, a declaration, an exclamation. I know where it came from, I watched it evolve from her very first most favorite words; ‘ssssit?’ ‘eedat?’ ‘eeaahsssst?’ (translation: what is that?/see that?/what is it?) Those have become more clear with the passing months, ‘WhashDAT?’ for what is that, and also from the same roots has come ‘WhashOOdoon?’ for what are you doing? But ishaba, is different. It’s babble, it doesn’t *always* mean anything. It’s just . . . Ishaba! T had a generic most special favorite word at this age too, hers was Schvirrrly (kind of a combination between Shirly and Swirly) I love them, and now I’ll never forget!

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