August 4, 2011 at 12:54 pm (catching up, picture post, sensational summertime)

“Summer is fun for everyone, splash in the water and play in the sun! It’s SUMMERTIME!”

– Yo, Gabba Gabba
My poor little blog, how you’ve been neglected! Please forgive me! The siren song of summer calls to us, and we have had no choice but to answer . . . Nearly every spare moment has found us in her embrace, and the backyard seems so far from this digital land. As the days turn to weeks and even months, my baby chronicles have fallen so far behind that I don’t even know where to begin in the catching up! I’ve snagged a few nap-time moments to assemble a haphazard pile of photographs narrating some of our season thus far. The multitude of images posted below have all been snapped from within the boundaries of my own property, and so give you a real feel for what exactly it is that we’ve been up to over here. These are the crumbs, the bits. . . the day-to-day of our world.


  1. Sharon said,

    We have a similar issue.

    WOW all of our girls are getting too big and they’re all so very very cute!

  2. Nikki said,

    Its so good to see how you all have embraced summer! Your pictures are fantastic!

  3. Joe said,

    aww your pictures make me fall in love with all our girls all over again.

  4. alexis said,

    Ok, Teagan looks like you. At the very least she makes some of your faces.

    Cute pictures!

    • Abby said,

      Teagen dose not look like chesh alexis .I see her all the time

  5. Tori said,

    Great pictures!!!! I love them all but the dress up ones are the ultime best!!! Love and miss you!!

  6. Ki said,

    This is my absolute favorite:

    I LOVE that. They are so cute! Day-babies’ summertime is way cOOler than mine! I really -feel- summer from all your pictures.

  7. Susan Bryant said,

    as usual, AWESOME pics, the last one should be a greeting or post card! i want that one printed out to frame, i’ll get around to it, absolutely photography award worthy!

  8. Gabriel Beach said,

    SO CUTE!!!

  9. Kendall said,

    awww!!! I wanna come live summer at your house. 😀

  10. Kelli said,

    You have defined summer in a lovely photographic display!! So many smiles, yummy treats and creative crafts! The picnic I’m sure was a blast.

  11. Bryna said,

    Wow, your girlies are getting SO big!!! Summer has consumed me as well. I am JUST catching up on the last 3 weeks of reading blogs, let alone posting one!!! But I plan on it tonight. 🙂

    • Bryna said,

      Also, I was wondering… What type of camera do you have? Your pictures have SUCH clarity!

  12. FooFoo said,

    You make summer fun for the little ones, just look at all the stuff you’ve done with them. Love the big trees in your yard. These pics are so neat to wistfully look at…. aw, I should send my kids your way.

  13. Abby said,

    I love my babys cordy and jules .I love Jules in the purple dress.And cordy in the blue. And me in the pool and the other picture of me Abby!

  14. Abby said,

    And cordy eating watermelon and blowing bubbles

  15. Abby said,

    I love all the pictures!

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