I believe in tutus

August 2, 2009 at 2:56 am (craftiness n' colors, pieces of me, random Puffs, whimsically silly)

“Girls. You never know what they’re going to think.”

- Holden Caulfield
(as written by J.D.Salinger)

I believe in in once upon a time, and fairy tales, tutus, and yards of ribbon and lace. In bows and ball gowns, and blue jeans with holey knees. I believe in twirling until you fall down, dizzy and breathless. . . in singing with the loudest voice you have, stomping around, and giving it all you’ve got. In tree-climbing, tiaras, and all things that sparkle and shine. In river-wading, and butterflies, and lightning bugs. . .I believe in fairies, and unicorns, and dinosaurs, too. In satin slippers, and lipstick, and tennis shoes with laces unfurled. I believe in froof, and frills, magic wands, and cookies after bedtime. I believe in Prince Charming, but I also believe we wouldn’t have gotten along. . .I believe in puddle-jumping, playing dress-up, and that mud isn’t always to be kept out of. I believe in whimsy, and glitter, rainbows and rainy days. I believe that every lady needs to be a princess every now and then – no matter what age. I believe in happily ever after. . .

And so does my girl.

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