SuperPuff goes to the dentist

October 29, 2009 at 1:24 pm (status report, the continuing adventures of Superpuff)

“I wonder if I can grow fangs when my baby teeth fall out.”

– Calvin
(Calvin & Hobbes, as written by Bill Watterson)
Puff gives her most winning non-toothy smile to her new dentist

Wednesday marked a momentous occasion in little Puff’s life. Yet another one of the many milestones (and baby book pages) to leave behind on her way to becoming a full-fledged CHILD. Her first trip to the dentist.

Getting to know Dr. Al

Puff, of course, was thrilled at the prospect of a new experience. I made sure that she would be. We watched the Elmo’s World segment about teeth several thousand times (thank goodness it was On Demand this month!), which included a short about a kid and his first trip to the dentist. I explained every bit of what she had to expect in great detail. . .over and over. I told Puff about the super buzzy tooth-brush, and the spit sucker, and the X-ray machine. . . I even told her that dentists wear masks, just so it wouldn’t be scary for her when the time came. Puff was excited.

Puff is amazed to find toys and posters hung from the ceiling

I, however, was not. I mean, c’mon! It’s the DENTIST! I HATE going to the dentist! Everyone I know hates going to the dentist! If I ever met someone who liked going, I’d figure them for a zombie and run away double-quick. Obviously, I couldn’t let my daughter see my own dentistry paranoia, but. . . the worry was there. What if she had a miserable time? What if she had a cavity? (She’d better not after all the time invested in brushing those darn things)What if it turned into a nightmare after I had gotten her so excited to go? Not only would she be sad, which would be distressing to me, but she’d never trust another word I say. (I could see it; Me: T! We’re going to the amusement park! T: Oh? Are they going to stab my gums with NEEDLES? AND DRILL!?) Lets face it – the potential for disaster is so high at the dentist. . . how can a mom help but to be a bit nervous? I even let her bring lambie along just in case a little bit of extra love was needed. (Lambie is usually confined to the crib. This was a very special exception)

Puff shares the discovery with her new-found friend

Of course, I didn’t need to worry. Puff rocks. I know this. She’s the best kid EVER, and she deserves, like, a million awesomeness points. The only moment of two that she had was when we were called back from the waiting room. T was having so much fun playing with the toys and the other kids in the lobby that she had lost all interest in actually seeing the dentist. After we made it back into the office she was calm again, and Dr. Al was GREAT . He introduced himself to her and befriended her before anything else. He also explained everything he was doing step-by-step, in a way that she could understand. Puffy loved him. (He won me over when he asked if I wanted to take any first time at the dentist pictures before the exam started. My camera had been hidden away until that point – I was waiting for him to leave the room so I could sneak in a pic for the baby book. Apparently its pretty common for insane mothers to want to photo-document their tots first dentist trip. Who knew?)

Doc Al and Puff ponder the wonders of ceiling art together

Puff sat on my lap and behaved perfectly through her cleaning. I could tell that she didn’t really enjoy it, but she didn’t whine or squirm, and Dr. Al was as gentle as he could be. She even sat still and followed instructions well enough for the technician to get x-rays of her teeth – while I watched nervously from the doorway. Everyone in the office was impressed by her goodness and amazing command of the English language. It’s always nice to hear strangers gushing about your kid! Her teeth look great, though there is one teensy shadowy spot on one tooth. Doc thinks it’s just some discoloration that grew in with the tooth, and is nothing to worry about. But just in case, we’ll be keeping a close eye on it and will brush it extra-especially well. We don’t want any cavities on those tiny pearls!

Puff poses with her lambie and gives us her sassiest smile

And of course, after all was said and done, Puff was permitted to pick a bit of plastic junk and a sticker out of the prize drawer! AND they gave her a Happy Halloween sticker and a hoppy spider to add to her ever-growing collection of hoppy spiders.  She ALSO got a brand-new toothbrush! It’s a WHALE toothbrush, which is awesome, because it goes along with her most favorite and amazing whale-shaped bath soap. Subtleties like this make Puff’s day. She’s sold. Totally. She asked me this morning if we could go to the dentist today. She must be a zombie. And I can’t run away. . . at least she’s a cute one!

some of the spoils of the day. . .

P.S. The dentist’s office weighed Super Puff in at 30 pounds! Do you BELIEVE that my tiny 10th percentile baby has become a strapping 30-pound toddler?! Astounding. . .


  1. Kelli said,

    You did a great job documenting this momentous occasion !!! She is an absolute doll!!!

  2. Sarah Benedict said,

    She did great! You should be a proud Mama. Madalyn has no trust in anyone. She didn’t even want to let the lady at the shoe store measure her feet even after watching Marissa get hers done.

  3. wecki77 said,

    Yeah for a great visit! Tori has gone to watch Mark and myself. We don’t have cavities or anything that would make her uneasy, so it’s been an ok experience. She’ll be going for her cleaning soon.

    On a side note, my Tori is such a string-bean. She weighed in at 23 lbs on Tuesday. She’s older than T ! I know, not by much, but still…ug.

  4. FooFoo said,

    Cheshling, your writing style rocks. You had me laughing under my breath the whole time. I love your documentation of this experience. Puff is adorable, and yes, you’ve turned her into a zombie. Way to go! Success!

  5. blunt delivery said,

    i’m not gonna lie to you, cus why would i?

    i used to throw those reminder postcards away so that my mom would lose track of time in the dentist world.

    nowadays i just stay as far away as possible.

    i’m sorry, i don’t like people prodding sensitive areas with sharp objects. so sue me.

  6. Tori said,

    Awe! I am so proud of her! Even I hate the dentist! She looks to pretty with Lamby! how cute!

  7. Jo@Mylestones said,

    What a cutie pie. And isn’t it amazing how fun they’ve made it for kids to go to the dentist? Back in “my day” (yes, I feel old saying that), we just went to the adult dentist and were tortured with nauseating flouride. Now my kids jump up and down and count down the days when I tell them it’s time to go to the dentist!

  8. Jenn said,

    This post reminded me of the first time I took my oldest to the dentist! Ah, it was a fun memory even though it was the dentist! She sure is growing up!

    • Me said,

      Wow! Thanks ladies! I’m glad to hear from all of you! 🙂
      I still think its weird that she liked it, but I am SO relieved that it worked out that way!

  9. YourbiggestFan said,

    I’m glad she had a good time!! I have yet to take my girls…sigh…I should do it soon, though!! I don’t mind going to the dentist, but PLEASE don’t run away from me!! I’m not a zombie and I don’t LIKE it, I just don’t hate it. At least they don’t weigh you while you’re there. 😉 lol

    Great documentation and hopefully she won’t roll her eyes at you later when she gets married and you pull these pictures out and go…”awww!!! Your first dentist appointment…*sniff sniff*”

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