just a bit confused…

December 14, 2009 at 3:16 pm (christmas, holiday, whimsically silly)

“Due to our continued dedication to excellence, colors and contents may vary.”

– Kid Kraft
I was half-way though wrapping a gift for Super Puff last night when my eye happened to fall upon this warning printed in minuscule lettering on the bottom of the box;


Now I’ll grant you that it was late at night, and after midnight my grasp on the English language can be a bit shaky at best. But after studying this cryptic message for a few minutes I figured it out. . . basically, what they’re saying is;

“Because we’re so totally awesome, and kick ass at doing our jobs perfectly and without fail, you may find that there is something completely different inside this box which has absolutely nothing to do with the product that you purchased. We’re the greatest!”

After reading it about 5 more times, just to be sure, I ripped my nearly finished wrapping job to shreds because I needed to make absolutely sure that the PINK TEA KETTLE I had purchased for my daughter was not, in fact, a NAVY BLUE DUMP-TRUCK! It wasn’t. The pink tea kettle pictured on the front of the box IS, in fact, representative of the pink tea kettle residing within.


But before I re-wrapped it, I took a picture. Because I do get confused sometimes, and I just want know if I’m misunderstanding something. . . Maybe you can interpret this warning for me? I’m afraid I just don’t get it. . .

P.S. Just for th’ record, Puff would be just as thrilled with a navy blue dump-truck as she will be with a pink tea kettle. . . but it wouldn’t match the teacups that I got for her. And that would be sad. . .


  1. ChristinesLilSprouts said,

    LOL, too funny. I have seen this myself, and basically I think it means that the item in the box may not look exactly like the picture. Usually it’s the color, ie, a blue tea kettle instead of a pink one like on the box. Totally not right…they must realize that the parents purchasing these items are actually expecting a pink tea kettle from the box with a pink tea kettle….hence the need to cover their behinds with the crypted message when a bunch of angry constomers complain. Doesn’t make much since… if they make a blue tea kettle, then it should go in the box with the picture of a blue tea kettle. *sigh* I’m glad you at least got a pink one like you thought you were buying!

  2. Nikki said,

    Ha ha ha!!!! First of all, if what is pictured on the box does not match the contents, then WHAT excellence are they talking about?! Exellence = perfection all the way through in my opinion.

    It would appear to me that it is just a legal overkill. “In case” something goes wrong, they can always point to the very fine print on the bottom of the box and say “Well, we did warn you!”

    I think it is totally not right! Because if you open the box before you buy, sometimes they make you buy it anyway. Because you “unsealed” the box. So you’re really trapped there. Ugh.

  3. Tori said,

    thats great! I have never seen that warning before on boxes but then again I guess I don’t look. lol thats halarious

  4. Kendall said,

    hmm…I think that even in the bright early morning hours when my brain is semi-functioning I would have been a bit confused and double checked to make sure that I had gotten the tea kettle that I’d ordered. lol Now, if it’d just said “Color may vary.” Okay, I can understand that as it MAY be a bit darker pink, or maybe green or some other weird and funky color, but contents vary?? Nope…I’m glad you didn’t get a blue dump truck for the price of a pink teakettle!! Of course, had that PINK teakettle been the yellow/green one that you wanted(that they no longer carry, maybe because the green was where the yellow was supposed to be?), you’d have been ecstatic, I know it. 🙂

    And how do you call *that* excellence?? Because we’re excellent at warning you that what you get may NOT be what you paid for. What you see/order is what you *may* get! SURPRISE!!!

  5. Sharon said,

    That is completely confusicating. Although it does make me wonder what on Earth prompted such a warning. Did someone somewhere decide that they were so livid that their tea kettle wasn’t JUST the shade of pink pictured and expected that they begun a fierce letter writing campaign involving lawyers and terse words? Have they laid off the QA people and have color blind machines packaging their products? Are they constantly changing their hues to placate the plant managers 5 year old daughters current favorites?

    I love corporate America. Really.

  6. FooFoo said,

    Oh brother. Sounds like the company is declaring themselves innocent if guilty.

  7. Jenn said,

    just a bunch of bs! so they aren’t sued for a variation in the pink color…

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