Puff goes to the movies!

January 20, 2010 at 6:38 am (the continuing adventures of Superpuff, wednesday whimsy)

“Look, I’m sorry. I’d really like to help you, but I DO NOT kiss frogs. “

– Tiana,
(The Princess and the Frog)
The coolest thing about having a weekday off is the lack of weekend crowds. I hate crowds. There are so many fun things me n’ the Puff could do that I won’t even consider as options simply because of the weekend rush.
A trip to the movies is the perfect example. I would never dream of taking a squirmy, talkative, two-year-old to a movie on a Saturday. It would be a fiasco. She’d be loud when it was time to be quiet, need to potty 3 thousand times,  and disturb the peace in general. I mean, Puff’s a good kid and all, but she’s TWO. Wiggly and loud come with the territory. Adding to my hesitation would be the fact that we’d be broaching unknown territory. To the best of my knowledge, she’s only actually managed to sit through one movie in her life (An American Tail, yay!), and that was at our house. So I couldn’t have any idea how she’d react to an actual theater, surrounded by SO many people. . . Not something I’d like to find out on a busy Saturday morning with half the state in attendance.
At 10:00 am on a Wednesday, however. . .

So yeah, we went on a trip to our local theater to see The Princess and the Frog. Can you think of a better way for a mother and daughter to bond than over some super-cheesy animated romantic Disney drivel? It was the perfect way to spend our first mommy-daughter Wednesday.
I’ll spare you a full movie review, but we had fun, and Puff actually sat pretty well through the whole movie (without even needing a bathroom break) which is amazing! I’m pretty sure that she never would have made it if it wasn’t for the bag of popcorn that appeared as if by magic every time she started to get antsy.
Puff devours popcorn while staring at a "SUPER BIG TV!"
(image taken with my cell phone during the final credits)
Everything is a learning experience, and this was no exception. We learned quite a few things while we were out. . .
. . .Like that T is just too little to sit on a movie seat all by herself. She climbed up just fine, but then came a


followed immediately with a hastily exclaimed

“I’M OKAY! These chairs are just very FOLDY!”

I glanced around to see poor T with her ankles up by her ears, clinging desperately to her precious bag of popcorn. Her seat had folded on her – and she had folded with it! Poor kid… good thing she’s pretty darn ‘foldy’ herself! She spent the rest of the time on my lap, which was just fine with me, because aside from being ‘foldy,’ Super-Puff is super-snuggly!. . .And that pregnancy hormones are there to ensure Mommy can’t make it through the death and ‘rebirth’ of an ANIMATED BUG without bawling like a baby . . . and laughing hysterically at the same time, because her baby (who thankfully had no idea what was going on in the movie at this time) tries to soothe her. (add this to the list of reasons why movies on weekends are out). . .We also learned that when you want something really badly you look up at a star  (or in Puff’s case, your mom), turn the cuteness up to eleven, and say;

“Please, please, please, PLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE??!!!”

and your wish will (most likely) come true! (For the record, this trick works best 1. if you’re little and cute, or 2. if you’re a soon-to-be Disney Princess). . .finally, we now know that  if when you kiss a frog, you turn into a frog (and not the other way around like in the REAL story.)
juuust checking!!!


  1. wecki77 said,

    So cute! Again, wish we had a day off. That would be a perfect time to try out Tori’s movie going-ness. Oh well.

  2. ChristinesLillSprouts said,

    Cute! Glad she made it through the whole movie. I’ve been wondering if Julia would make it through a whole movie….she only watches Baby Einstein movies, lol.

  3. Kendall said,

    That’s awesome!! I’m surprised you didn’t ask for a remote to “SKIP” through the parts you didn’t like. *wink* We took the girls to see Bolt at the dollar theater…they did good, but like you, there was bribery involved! We used M&M’s, but it’s nice to know that popcorn works too! I’m glad you had a good time and that she got her own little PINK frog to kiss. Way sweet…

  4. grandapok said,

    Haha i can totally picture her stuck in the seat.

  5. Kelli said,

    Oh the power of pregnancy hormones. Remember those times well. Glad you and Puff were able to catch a flick together and actually make it all the way through the entire movie!!

  6. Ki said,

    So yes… Everyone in the office laughed at the “I’M OKAY! These chairs are just very FOLDY!”

    I think that I might steal one of her frog pictures for my new desktop wallpaper…

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