March 29, 2010 at 6:06 am (status report)

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”

-Milton Berle
First things first: No new babies have made their arrival yet.
Sorry to be so very absent lately, things have been a bit out-of-control around here. With only 17 days left until my due-date, I’m finding myself to be in a constant state of exhaustion with about 394 million things left to get done before baby arrives, not counting our usual day-to-day insanity. Pregnancy-induced carpal-tunnel has kept me away from the computer in the brief moments I do manage to steal, and the very obvious onset of spring has had us all outside to play as often as humanly possible. . . of course I’m sick again, and desperate to get rid of this nasty cold before I pass it on to the newest and soon-to-arrive member of our family (I can’t wait to get my good old pre-preg immune system back). And to put a shining sweet cherry right on top, I spent the entire night battling to save my poor little Puffy girl from a 104.5 degree fever. (A note to moms everywhere – when it comes time for the 3rd bath of the night in desperate attempt to get the temperature down before taking what you know will be an entirely useless trip to the ER, and your toddler doesn’t want to, obviously, because she *thinks* she’s FREEZING, putting purple food coloring in the tub will get her in *without dyeing her skin* and blowing “super big GIANT” bubbles for an hour will keep her there until the fever breaks) She’s feeling much better today, thank God!
Don’t worry – we’re hanging in there! And it isn’t all as bad as I make it seem, I do tend to be a bit on the dramatic side – especially when I’m sleepy or sick. And as I am both at this moment, be sure to take me with a half-grain of salt (unless you’re a nanny or a house-maid. If you are either of those COME RESCUE ME! I NEED YOUR HELP!) I’m hoping to get a few more posts in before the new baby takes me away for a little while again. . .but we’ll just have to see how that works out. Either way, have no fear, at some point in my life I’ll be posting again, hopefully with some amount of regularity.


To those of you who are getting tired of stopping in every day only to be disappointed to find no new entries, I’ve put an E-mail subscription link at the top of the toolbar on the right. Just thought I’d point that out to anyone who hasn’t noticed! Thank you all for taking such an active interest in our happy little lives – LOVE to YOU!

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