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March 17, 2010 at 11:43 am (holiday, picture post, pieces of me, random Puffs, st. patrick's)

“If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.”

– unknown
I don’t get St. Patrick’s day. I really don’t. . . Of course, I’m not Irish. But then again – good ol’ Patrick wasn’t Irish, either. I’m also not a Catholic. Pat was, tho. Fer sure! I think you kind of HAVE to be a Catholic to get sainted and all. . . ‘s like a law or something.
Puffy and I have been learning all about the Irish people and Saint Patrick this week. And I’m really failing to see the connection between an English dude who brought Catholicism to the pagan Celts of Ireland and getting drunk on green beer, luckyness, rainbows, pots-of-gold, or leprechauns. *scratches head*
It seems to me that the Irish people maybe ought to be a little bit upset by the whole thing, really.  I mean. . . Good ol’ Patrick basically destroyed their culture and re-created it entirely, omitting loads of the awesome bits, like, um, DRUIDS! I mean, three cheers for Christianity and all, don’t get me wrong, but druids rocked! Those dudes got to run around all half-shorn with hoods and cloaks and magic and stuff. . . change is what it is, but you shouldn’t just go around erasing a people’s history and culture like that. ‘s not very nice.
But then. . . maybe that’s exactly what they’re celebrating? Maybe the Irish didn’t actually like their culture in the first place and were glad to see it go? But if that’s the case, shouldn’t they be celebrating by being all pious and going to church instead of getting blasted at the local pub?! Maybe the celebration is different in Ireland than it is here in the states?
I also don’t really understand why 99% of the people I know who ‘celebrate’ this holiday are non-Irish non-catholic alcoholics. . .
Maybe I’m just too Italian to get it?!
But I digress. . .
I like the color green, and my husband is Irish. He came complete with a coat of arms and a hideously ugly plaid and a kilt and everything. And so, by default, Wonder Puff is Irish-ish, too. So the very least we can do is teach her a little bit about her heritage and let her wear wobbly sequined shamrock antennae on her head!


(The purple feather-boa was her idea – gorgeous combo, isn’t it?)
And I’m too tired to get into all the fun St. Patty’s day stuff we got to do, like going on clover-hunts and painting things green, (you’d just be jealous anyway) but I will tell you that even though our celebrations did not in any way involve alcohol or rosaries, Teagle had a wonderful time dancing to fiddle music, and that a highlight of her ENTIRE LIFE was finding the (hollowed-out-lime) pot of (jello) gold at the end of the (jello) rainbow (twice. and we still have left-overs).
And, just because she’s always been so darn cute, I’m going to share a few pictures from T’s last St. Patty’s day. . .

T's 2nd Patty's Day, 3/09
and the one before that. . . Puffy’s FIRST Patty’s!

T's 1st Patty's Day, 3/08
Hope you’ve had a happy day!

P.S. Did I mention that



T’s 1st Patty’s Day, 3/08

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