Sweet treats!

August 12, 2009 at 6:44 pm (nummies for th' tummies, the continuing adventures of Superpuff)

Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky.”

~Fran Lebowitz

Cousin A has the coolest job ever. She works at a snowball stand. Not just ANY snowball stand – THE snowball stand. Dreams are delivered through that place, wrapped up in crushed ice and tied neatly with a marshmallow ribbon. They have or will invent every flavor known to mankind, and serve it with ice cream to boot. It doesn’t get any sweeter . . .or stickier!

T has never had a snowball before, so we had to stop by and visit. We grabbed an aunt or two on our way, just to make it even more fun, and while SuperPuff gobbled down freezing spoonfuls of sugar and ice, I had a wonderful time documenting the experience with my trusty Nikon.

It should be known that she started the evening off with a child-sized (thimble-full) Blue’s Clues flavored (whatever that means) plain old boring snowball, but after a few minutes decided that my much larger marshmallow-drenched cherry was the way to go. And who can blame a girl for that!? A fun first experience it was, to be sure. . .and somehow I forgot to bring the baby wipes. . .

Now THAT’S flavor!


  1. Tori said,

    AHHHH!!!! She is so adorable! I’m loving the uni-brow! And the fact that the cherry makes her look like she has on lipstick! Now seriously Mom why didn’t you get marshmallow on her Blue’s Clues snowball! Of course yours was better! I marshmallow is the best part of it all! If it was up to me… a snowball would only consist of marshmallow!

  2. Yourbiggestfan said,

    That looks SUPER tasty!! I wish we had some place like that around here. I love her face paint…very cute! 😛 And…you took her out with the intention of getting a snowball and you FORGOT the wipes?! You crazy human! I hope there was soap and water nearby. hehe

  3. Alexis said,

    Did this make up for the ice cream man? My sis works at some ice cream/Italian ice place up 695 somewhere. We may need to stop by Saturday (if little ones aren’t compeletly gone by then).

    Glad she enjoyed it so much. Happy to see another sugar lover!

  4. Kelli said,

    Most adorable!! She makes the sweetness of the treat even sweeter!!!

  5. Jenn said,

    she looks like she was having a good time! yummy, yummy!

    you take such nice pictures! we may need to “talk” sometime about your camera. i am looking to eventually upgrade–I currently have a Sony point and shoot, but am looking for a “big dawg”!

  6. Mike said,

    Wow, right in the T-zone.

  7. maygan said,

    Sooooo cute! Her hair is starting to get really long now, I remember when you thought she’d never have hair!

  8. Jo@Mylestones said,

    Oh that last picture is just too cute. She is wearing that facial expression that generally accompanies ice cream–pure delight!

  9. deb@talk at the table said,

    okay, you’re pictures make me feel .
    The grin of sugar bliss. I don’t get the chocolate thing… but ice cream – heaven!

  10. goodbye, 2009… « Huginn, Muninn, and me said,

    […] that’s okay – cuz’ she got her first sno-ball this year, […]

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