goodbye, 2009…

December 31, 2009 at 11:36 pm (a new year, holiday, picture post, reminiscence)

It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backward.

– The White Queen (as written by Lewis Carroll)

2009 was a good year, yes?

I thought so, too. . .

Much has happened this year in the wee little world of the Puffy Wonder, and I thought I’d take advantage of these few remaining moments before 2010 to take a looooong look back and remember Teaball’s world of 2009.

There really are way too many photos (way to many in THIS case means that I lost count at around 100) but this is how I amuse myself. . .and I know that many of you have seen most of them already – I have too, and I’m fine with that! You can skip this post. I don’t mind, really. Watching the year unfold in images, to me, is a very happy thing!

Puff’s obsession with sunglasses began this year…
She made her first beaded necklace – with a lot of help from her mom – and discovered the wonderful world of jewelry
A duck-feeding fiasco involving Puff, my mom, and about 1,000 ducks (993 of whom are not pictured)
Lite Brite was discovered!
1st snow of the year!
Puff’s skills with crayons and markers grew by leaps and bounds, Diaperpin Manor (cardboard box house) was created, and Elmo jammies reigned supreme, until she outgrew them
Play-doh became an option. Puff called it “smooshies”
Puff loved her pup
We discovered that our children’s library kicks A$$, and we went about a zillion times. Sometimes alone, sometimes with T’s awesome friend T(2)
Puff discovered the wonder that is rainbows. . .
and fell in love with granddad’s “Tick-Tar”
Got a MAJOR attitude. . .
. . .and figured out how to turn on the cute to get out of trouble!
T became proficient at removing ALL types of clothing, and frequently enjoyed stepping into someone else’s shoes
Saint Patrick’s Puffiness!
Painting with brushes (as opposed to fingers) became the rule (one that is often broken). T obsessed over smiley-faces. And tattoos…and smiley-face tattoos. AND she outgrew her high-chair!

My Easter-Bonnet baby – in a dress that she picked out all by herself. One of our favorite outfits the whole summer through!
T’s first Easter Egg Hunt was a roaring success! She asked if we could go to Non’s and find some eggs for WEEKS after!
She got to ‘help’ her dad build a patio!
and then ‘help’ her mom keep it clean!
Many warm afternoons were spent sitting in pots and buckets – regardless of the kiddy pool in the backyard
I became even MORE jealous of those lashes!
Zoo trips were very frequent this year. . .
And Puff was JUST as entertained by the non-living creatures as she was by those with a pulse!
First carousel ride!
Pools are definitely rockin’. . .
. . .but sandbox water-tables might be even better!
Puff learned how to blow bubbles!
AND draw faces!
She met her first giant moth…
had loads of arts n’ crafts fun. . .
and hung out with the house crew just about every day!
T learned how to use the potty – HOORAY!
She turned 2 this year – and developed an obsession with Blue’s Clues
Became a cupcake addict…
got a big-girl bike
AND a puppet theater!
She had her first ice-cream Sunday – all to herself!
A trauma-free experience with ducks.  .  .
. . .learned all about ‘Meriget’ flags
. . .firetrucks. . .
fireworks, and glow sticks!
We spent MANY summer days at the playground. . .
Puff never admitted that she just can’t climb UP this slide…
She learned how to swing on the big girl swing!
T loves making people healthy with her ‘stefascope’
and she learned that smoothies are the GREATEST!
and what a Pegasus is. . . while developing a love for many of the things that I loved back in the 80’s, like My Little Pony &  Care Bears
She also has been told to “STOP JUMPING ON THE COUCH every 3o seconds for an entire year now – which must be a record. And though Puff is generally a pretty obedient little girl, the couch-jumping, for some reason, is a habit that we can not break!
She learned her alphabet!
And became obsessed with pirates for a while. . .
had loads of fun at a favorite spot with her friend T(2)
*these pics courtesy of Wecki77 – T(2)’s mommy!*
she got really good at brushing her own teeth – and GOT all of them in. FINALLY!
Got her first tutu!
and was abandoned by theice-cream truck.
but that’s okay – cuz’ she got her first sno-ball this year, too!
Puff tried on her first pair of heels, with not-so-stunning results. . .

became the master of facial expression!

and spent LOADS of time in the forest and by the river this summer.
She made a new friend!
and visited our kick A$$ library about a million more times. . .
. . .got to go on her second camping-trip
and developed a love for all things that creep and crawl
STILL loved her pup
and built a tree!
she discovered the joy of window-clings. . .
and did the pumpkin-carving thing for the first time.
She discovered all the fun of dressing up. . .
and learned all about the importance of ‘going green’!
had her very first dentist appointment –
riiiiiiight before she got her first candy apple –
and went trick-or-treating as a monkey!
AND to ZooBoo
where she fell in love with a ‘robot!’

She learned her entire capital alphabet, and all the sounds that they make. . .

Tubby Time is still Happy Time
Puff learned that she’s going to be a big sister
Played in the rain on several occasions
and had loads of fun exploring the bizarre nature of extraterrestrial goo!
and made her first monkeyball cake!
She had a happy Thanksgiving. . .
got to help decorate the Christmas tree
and watched the trash truck pass by on many occasions!
and taste the season’s first snow!
She continues to adore rainbows!
She turned two AND-A-HALF!
THEN there was Christmas. But I’m still working on THOSE posts!

Hope you’ve had a happy 2009!


  1. wecki77 said,

    What a wonderful year! I looked at every pic…again. Hope this year is just as great!

  2. Ki said,

    I looked at ’em all too – and some of them I’ve never seen, like THE BRAID. It’s fascinating to scroll down and see how much older she got in a single year.

    Maybe it’s just me, but some of these pictures are just so poignant. And I’ll admit that once I hit the “Puff learned that she’s going to be a big sister” pic, I started to tear and choke up a bit. I just had to stop there for a few extra moments.

    I love you and hope that this year is just as wonderful (AND magical… AND full of rainbows, too!).

    -Aunt Ki

  3. FooFoo said,

    I love these pics. Teaball is adorable and I think she’s going to be super talented when she grows up. The potty pic is one of my favorites. You’re so creative, exposing the Teaball to so many things. It’s entirely possible to live vicariously through your photography. Thank you for letting all of us do that!
    I laughed about T being abandoned by the icecream truck, that was really funny.

  4. Saumya said,

    What an awasome year!!! T looks beautiful in all the pics. I have seen al most all of them but enjoyed looking them again. Such nice and sweet girl u have Chesh. I was working on Aadya’s 2009 Journey and u posted it on time. Not to mention I fot loads of tips from ur post. Thanks for sharing it all…..

  5. Kendall said,

    Awww what a wonderful and magnificant year!! Even if there were a few sad moments, like the ice cream truck and the duck attack!! I loved the pictures and frequently found myself going, “I haven’t seen THAT one!” She’s gorgeous and has grown up so much this year.

  6. Nikki said,

    This is TERRIFIC!!! I hope you are keeping a scrapbook like this because she will treasure it with all her heart when she grows up! 🙂

  7. Kelli said,

    I love the year in pics!!! I don’t know HOW you chose which ones to post!!! I can’t wait till Puff meets new baby? How much longer? Happy New Year. (All the photos are perfect for portraying her life this past year!!)

    • Me said,

      Kelli – Ro-baby is due April 15th 2010! Should be fun times over here!

      Heehee – thanks everyone! I’m surprised so many of you got through all of these! It was REALLY difficult to choose – I have an insane amount of pictures. Really. Like. . . lock me up in a loony bin insane. But snapping has ALWAYS been my main source of entertainment, it just got a *little* bit worse when we went digital and had a kid!

      OH MY! I just realized I left out the EASTER pics! What was I thinking!!!
      *runs off to edit them in!

      Wonder what else I skipped ?!!

  8. Jenn said,

    love them all! little T had a great year and I am sure 2010 will be even better!

  9. Tori said,

    What a great year! You did a great job getting all the important stuff in there! And believe it or not there were a few I haven’t seen before! AMAZING!

  10. Gabe said,

    My baby is getting so big!!!! :’-(

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