Puff says.

August 21, 2009 at 9:11 pm (darndest, random Puffs, whimsically silly)

“The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face”

Jack Handy

On hiccups:

T: hic. . . hic. . .hic. . .

T: hic. . . hic. . .hic. . .

T: hic. . . hic. . .hic. . .


T: I have hiccups! I NEED some Motrin!!!

On work and money:

T: Mommy, you CAN’T go to work! You sit down RIGHT NOW!
Me: Baby, believe me – I don’t want to go, but I have to.
T: NO! You don’t hafta go to WORK!
Me: I do, because when I go to work I get money.
T: NO! You don’t need MONEY!
Me: We do need money to pay for things, like food and clothes. . .
T: *blank stare*
Me: . . .and we also need money so that we can go to the Dollar Sore and pick out special treats sometimes!
T: OH! Okay! I wanna go to the Dollar Store and get a special treat! Lets do dis!
Me: Well, Mommy has to go to work first to get money so we can go. . .
T: Okay! You go to work. . .and. . .I will go to work too!
Me: Baby, I’m sorry. You can’t come to work with me. You have to stay home with your Daddy.
T: Oh no. I will go to work wif’ you, so I can get some money, too. . .and get some special treats!
Me: Puff, you’re too little to come with me. . .But don’t worry, I’ll share my money with you!
Me: *runs away*

On counting:

T: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve!

T: . . .and one-teens, two-teens, three-teens. . .

On the potty:

T: (from the bathroom) Mommmmmmeeeeeeeee!

Me: All done?

T: Yup! But its stinky in here!

Me: Ohhh! Did you make a poopie?

T: Yes. A very very BIG poopie!

Me: Good job!

T: Mom. Its a GIANT poopie!

Me: Oh yeah? Wow. . .


Me: . . .


  1. Yourbiggestfan said,

    awesome!!! I love the counting…that’s perfect!! 🙂 I think she’s got it right. lol! And yes, from the mouths of babes…and I don’t mean hott chick-type-babes either, but the little-teeny-tiny-chick-type-babes.

  2. Jenn said,

    i love it!

  3. WeaselMomma said,

    Those are some pretty interesting conversations.

  4. YoMama said,

    You know I’m a shy person so I’m shy about commenting, but just wanted you to know that I am reading your blog and am very proud of you that you’re actually keeping at it and doing a good job, too! I sent the blog address to Adriana. Maybe she’ll post a comment to let us know she peeked! Luv you!

  5. Tori said,

    What great pics! And her words are great too! I remember you comming to work many nights so excited and teary eyed about what your little princess said…. How cute!

  6. YoMama said,

    You should post all of Miss Twinklehead’s faces! Happy face, mad face, silly face… So we’ll remember them!

  7. Me said,

    Those pictures have already been taken, and the post started. Be looking for it soon! 😉
    But don’t worry – we won’t forget!

  8. Gabe said,


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