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October 26, 2009 at 12:10 am (darndest, random Puffs, whimsically silly)

“A child is a curly, dimpled lunatic.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

T, still in her purple fuzzy footie jams comes running out of her room with a pile of purple froof clutched tightly in her hands. . .

T: MOMMY! I want to wear my TUTU!

Me: Okay. . .*helps her get it on*

T: I am a beautiful ballerina!

Me: You sure are!

*T wanders off for a few minutes, puts on a feather boa, every necklace she can find (including a pair of binoculars), and a sparkly tiara*

T: MOMMY! I am a beautiful ballerina princess!

Me: *giggle* Oh wow! Look how gorgeous you are!

T: Yes. . .*twirls* I am gorgeous.

*T vanishes again for a bit, and returns with a pair of green wings*


Me: I am dazzled by your loveliness!*swoons*

*T rushes off, gets a magic wand and runs back*

T: Mommy, I am a beautiful ballerina princess fairy. . .


And I turned YOU into a FROG!

Me: Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. . .

T is ‘reading’ the alphabet book that her Nonna gave her.
She is happily turning pages and calling out letters that she recognizes.
She comes to a page with a question:

“What begins with B?”

Of course, Puff can’t read. So, as she has been doing, she goes over the sentence and names all the letters she can. When she reaches the end, she slams her finger down on the question mark and in a loud and ominous voice states:


I know I haven’t taught her what a question mark is, or what it symbolizes, but I’d say she hit the nail on the head. Though I do have to wonder where she picked that info up!

Being a kid can get confusing sometimes. . . with so much still to learn, it makes the head spin. And just when you think you’ve got it down, they go and toss in stupid things like homonyms, just to foul you up. . . its tough being little!

T & Me are listening to classical music in the car.

T: I like this song!

Me: Me, too!

T: It sounds pretty. . .

Me: It does. The instrument in this song is a type of horn. An oboe I think. . .


Me: Yeah… I think it’s an oboe. . .

A day or so later, T gets to choose a special treat from the dollar store for being good. She chooses a 6-pack of sparkly bugs. . .

T: MOM! What kind of bug is THIS?!

Me: Hmmm. THAT looks like a rhinoceros beetle.

T: *dubiously* Rhinoceros beetle?

Me: Yup! Look – see how he has a great big horn on his nose – just like a rhino!?

T: Ooohhh. . .a horn!

T: *Pokes horn* BEEP BEEP!

Me: *giggle* Not THAT kind of horn – thats a car horn! Rhino’s don’t ride in cars, and neither do beetles!

T: *nodding* A HORN! I know! It is an OOH-BOH!!!


  1. maygan said,

    I love conversations with toddlers, they’re just so funny it’s impossible to keep a straight face sometimes!

    by the way, you type especially well for someone who has been turned into a frog (by the most adorable ballerina princess fairy I’ve ever seen!).

  2. Sarah Benedict said,

    That post brightened my day big time! Thanks Chesh! I absolutely love to hear what stuff other kids are coming up with these days.

  3. YourBiggestFan said,

    heehee!! That’s awesome! And I agree…you do type very well for a frog. 😉 Maybe DH will kiss you and turn you into a queen? 😀

    She’s a very sweet Ballerina Princess Fairy(except for the frog part)! What else makes the sound of an oboe?! 😛 A DUCK!

  4. wecki77 said,

    Too cute yet again.

  5. Ki said,

    She looks so ridiculous in that get-up, aww…! And it looks like one of the rare times that she *doesn’t* mind getting her picture taken. She is gonna have costume parties galore when she gets older. ;D

  6. Me said,

    Maygan – if you had any IDEA how difficult it is to type in frog form. . .I deserve a medal 😉
    Sarah – I’m glad to have passed a smile on!
    Fan – I already AM a queen. I am a beautiful lady mommy frog queen. And I assure you, oboes sound nothing like ducks – at least not in THIS house! *giggle*
    Wecki – Thanks! Glad you enjoy the cuteness. You’ve got your own fair share, I’m sure!
    Ki – My daughter will NEVER cooperate with my camera. It is a fact of life that I have learned to live with. However, it thrills me to think that I’ve managed to outsmart her and capture a shot that leaves that impression. And yes, the costume trunk is already quite full!

    • YourBiggestFan said,

      I agree, Me, that you are a beautiful lady mommy frog queen, but I was trying to eliminate one of those nouns/adjectives. You don’t need the FROG part! lol

  7. Tori said,

    That’s my girl! It’s great! Looks like me when I was little!

  8. Jenn said,

    Ahh, the mind of a two year old. LoVe IT!

    I have a fun project for you and your gal….ask her questions—like—“Why is the sky blue?” “Why do dogs bark.” I know you will think of some great ones! Write down her answers and ask her the questions again when she is older–say same time every year. You will love the answers and how they change.

    I did this with my oldest…when I had time…I need to dig those out!

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