December 2, 2009 at 2:08 am (darndest, random Puffs, thanksgiving, whimsically silly)

“I took a moment from my day
wrapped it up in things you say
and mailed it off to you”

– Phish (Wading in the Velvet Sea)
CoolWhip is a rarity in our house, and seems to have become a Thanksgiving tradition. I wasn’t expecting the sugar-rush to cause crossed-eyes, however! That Cool-Whip is some MIGHTY good stuff 😉
Puff’s first CoolWhip experience, Thanksgiving 2008
Our thankful jar has become quite filled with all of the  things we are grateful to have in our lives. Puff is new to the whole being thankful scene, but I think she got the idea pretty quickly! Here is a *long* list of things that Super Puff is thankful for this holiday season. . .in no discernible order;
Warm milk hot cocoa ice-cream turkeys blueberries yellow elephant blanket whales airplanes FROZEN blueberries snuggly blankets fairies the zoo magic wands elephants assorted aunts & uncles ponies     monkeys Chickens Baby A muffins squirrels purple Baby N feasts         Mommy tubby time unicorns Blue's Clues chips fish glitter my kitty books my doggies assorted grandparents giraffes birds hello kitty Daddy Birds - that they fly bubbles rainbows digger trucks juice
Learning what T is thankful for has been…an enlightening experience, and highly entertaining to me throughout. Sometimes she would simply look around the room and be thankful for whatever random thing caught her eye, but sometimes she’d come up with things seemingly out of nowhere. There were many duplicate entries in our jar, and after looking through them all, I was interested to find that 2 things came up far more often than all the rest. . .and though I really wish I could say they were ‘mom and dad,’ that is simply not the case. Truth be told, T is most thankful for;


Puff and I were taking an early morning look out of our window only to be greeted by yet another rainy day. . .

Me: I dunno, Puff. It’s pretty cloudy outside today.

P: Yeah. . .

Me: Looks like its gonna rain again. *sigh*

P: It does. It looks like its raining. . .and its LEAFING, too!

** We have many large trees in our yard and all around our house. When the wind blows strongly in the autumn, seemingly thousands of leaves are sent swirling insanely down to the ground. This is a phenomenon that T has grown fond of. What I had not realized until this conversation is that she actually considers ‘leaf-ing’ to be a type of weather. When its raining, rain comes down from the sky. When its leafing, leaves fall. Good to know. **
random picture of a Puff
Puff, in her tutu, is staring up into the ceiling light and jumping with arms outstretched. Everything seems so much more than it is when you’re small. . . Although Puff’s feet were barley clearing the ground, I’m sure that in her mind’s eye she was getting pretty damn close to actually jumping high enough to touch said light. She kept at it for quite a bit of time, then turned to me with an air of satisfaction and pride and said *cue reverb* ;


I’m sure we will all rest easily in our beds tonight knowing that a tutu-clad Super Jumping Girl is out there somewhere making the world a better place – in her own little way! (I should also note that T can not say the word ‘jump’ so save her little life. It always comes out ‘DRUMP’. Way cute!)

While we were playing kick-the-ball outside yesterday morning, Puff decided to take a break and roll the ball for a little while instead. . .

Me: (to the tune of row your boat)  Roll, roll, roll the ball gently down the. . . stream!??

T: NO, momma.*sings* Gently down the . . . outside place on grass!

Me: *giggle* We have a word for that. Its called a lawn.

T: NO mom. The words are called outside place on grass!

Me: Well you would know. Two-year-olds know EVERYTHING!


  1. Jenn said,

    Why yes, two year olds do know EVERYTHING– just wait until she is 12!!

    I love her thankful list! (Oh, if life was this simple for all of us!)

  2. wecki77 said,

    What a great way to start my day. So cute. 🙂

  3. Sarah Benedict said,

    HAHA I love it!

  4. Kendall said,

    omg she’s way too cute for words!!! My girls say “drump” too and “dracket” and “dr” for just about everything that begins with the sound “j-uh” or “gr(though that’s getting better)”

  5. Tori said,

    Mmmmmmm…. the CoolWhip looks delicious! Just lets not let her turn into the Cookie Monster! haha I’m loving the shades T their great! upside down and all. and leaf-ing I deffently think its part of the weather. Its great!

  6. Kelli said,

    A list to be cherished!! Cool Whip is always so much fun!!!

  7. Saumya said,

    T’s Thanksfull list is supperb!!! he he he…I agree a 2 years old knows everything….

  8. FooFoo said,

    Leafing is a weather, that really made me laugh. The sheer funniness of the Teaball. lol

  9. YoMama said,

    That’s my fabulously clever grandbaby-girl for you! She’s soooo impressive – whatever she says!

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