February 3, 2010 at 6:45 am (cheesy sentimentalities, the continuing adventures of Superpuff, wednesday whimsy)

“Cousins are different beautiful flowers in the same garden.”

– Anonymous
When I was growing up, my life was awash with cousins. Hoards of cousins. Gangs and gaggles and groups of cousins. Cousins as far as the eye could see! We were a rowdy and playful bunch during holidays and family gatherings, and it was tons of fun!
But T? T doesn’t really have any cousins at all. She’s the first-born grand-baby on both sides of our family. Neither my  nor my husband’s brothers and sisters are married or have kids yet, so it looks as if cousins might be a long way down the road for our poor lonely Teaball. I feel a little bit sad for her, even though she has no idea what she’s missing. . . I couldn’t imagine a life without cousins!
T moves in for a cousin kiss, while Little L shyly gnaws at her fingers...
There is one little girl who just might qualify for the part. . . My cousin has a daughter very close in age to T. I *think* this technically makes our daughters second-cousins, but with pickins’ as slim as what Puff has, a cousin is a cousin is a cousin.
Little L was born only 2 months before T.  Unfortunately, we don’t really get to see her very often. When a rare opportunity to get our girls together happened to come up on a Wednesday afternoon, I jumped at the chance.
They had such a wonderful time! Its made me happy to watch them playing with each-other – romping and stomping and mixing it up! T was pretty happy about it, too.
They are complete and total opposites in every way; Little L is terribly shy, T is the most outgoing person I’ve ever met. T is as fair as can be with her blonde hair and baby blues, Little L is dark – from her complexion to her big chocolate-brown eyes and almost black hair. T chatters and giggles constantly, while L tends to be more of the quiet type. It will be very interesting to watch as these two grow up and see how their personalities develop as they age.

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