dar be treasure!

February 5, 2010 at 6:16 pm (craftiness n' colors, random Puffs)

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

– Luke 12:34
Recently, T has gotten more assertive when it comes to what she wants. She’s been making demands regarding everything from what she wants to wear or eat to what games she wants to play, or which color to use where on her latest masterpiece. I love to see her little personality shine through and – as long as she’s nice about it, and it isn’t something dangerous – I encourage her independence as often as I can. This is especially easy (and fun) to do when it comes to arts n’ crafts.
We happened to pass through the woodworking aisle while at our craft store, and Puff’s eyes fell upon a pile of unfinished miniature wooden boxes.

She was thrilled.

If you know my daughter, then you know that she harbors a slight obsession with all things pirate. Actually, in this family, we all kind of do. . . Knowing this, it would make sense to you why she thought that these tiny little chests were the end-all-be-all of amazingly cool and awesome. Puffy was quite insistent that we bring one home with us. She said it would be her ‘super special treat,’ and then prattled on about how she was gonna paint it red, and put treasures in it. . .
So I flipped it over and looked at the price. It only cost a dollar.

I was thrilled.

So, we brought it home with us, and broke out the red paint first thing the next morning. Before long, purple was added to the mix. . .
And it didn’t take too much longer for Puff to demand glitter. GOLDEN glitter. . . lots of it.
The completed project was perfectly adorable. . .

While it was drying, Puff ran all around the house searching for tiny treasures. She found quite a few things to jam in that teensy chest, too. There were pennies, and craft jewels, some metallic craft pom-poms (blue and silver), a beaded necklace or two, a feather, a silver star, sequins. . .

During that very same trip to the craft store, we found a new wooden ‘head-on-a-stick’ mask to add to our collection. We’ve never gotten around to actually painting any of them, though I suppose that will be taken care of on some random rainy afternoon in the future. Heads on sticks only cost a dollar, and Puff loves them. We have several of them living in our costume box – a princess, an angel, and now. . .

A pirate!

A pirate mask and a treasure chest. . .To say that these two go hand-in-hand would be quite an understatement.
T has been having a fabulous time with these unlikely playthings. If I could actually calculate how many hours of fun these two one-dollar items have brought to my lady over the last couple of weeks. . .well, lets just say your jaw might drop!

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