February 24, 2010 at 12:45 am (picture post, wednesday whimsy)

“You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.”

– Arlo Guthrie´╗┐

It was Wednesday. Wednesday morning –and I didn’t want to get out of bed yet. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t HAVE to get out of bed yet, either. . . ‘s my day off. One should always be allowed to sleep in on one’s day off, right? At least every once in a while? Unfortunately, T does not agree with that philosophy one bit, and she pops right up like well-done toast the moment the first glimmer of sunshine peeps over the horizon – always as full of noise and energy as only a 2-year old can be. It isn’t fair. . . especially since SHE gets to take a nap every day.
But I was pretty determined. I was NOT getting out of bed. I just wasn’t. So I broke out my for-emergency-use-only secret weapon;


Because, c’mon! Glowsticks are AWESOME.
A rainbow of happiness in the dark! And they sell ’em in packs of 6 at the Dollar Store!
So while the Puffy Wonder was flailing about like an itty bitty lunatic, madly flinging her bits of shiny every which way, I was permitted to stay in my bed, in the dark, and under my covers. We were both very happy with our morning treat.
Believe it or not, this little trick bought me about an hour and a half of pure lounging bliss! You can’t beat that for a dollar! Some mornings, I might be tempted to pay $100 for a mere 15 minutes of staying in bed!
Of course, it WOULD have been better if I had been permitted to actually, y’know, sleep during any portion of that time, but my days of sleeping past dawn have been left far behind me – an unfortunate fact that I chose to accept when we made the decision to have children in the first place. It’s worth it – but I’ll take whatever kind of rest I can get whenever I can get it these days. . .
I eventually did drag my bottom out of bed to get my camera, as you can see. . . but I went right back under covers with it, and there I stayed, enjoying my private little light show. Puff was all like “Mommy! Take a picture of me doin’ THIS!” *waves glowsticks around wildly* So I was all like “OKAY!” *CLICK* and Puff was all like “Show me what THAT picture looks like!” T enjoyed painting with light, I enjoyed holding still, and we both had a silly fun morning time.
But all good things must come to an end, and I just had to go and ruin it. Because, when you’re as pregnant as I am, you CAN’T go too long without a trip to the bathroom – and some breakfast. . . I wonder just how long T would have been happily bouncing around in there. One of these days we just might have to add breakfast in bed (in the dark) to the mix – just so we can find out! (bad idea)

Happy Wednesday!!!

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