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February 15, 2010 at 6:46 am (craftiness n' colors, frosty fun, nummies for th' tummies, picture post, the continuing adventures of Superpuff, wednesday whimsy)

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”

-Carl Reiner
I like snow! T does, too. . . which is why we were so excited the week before last when it snowed on a Tuesday night! We got about 5 inches on top of the bit we already had on the ground from a few days before.There was just enough early on Wednesday morning to keep us at home for a change. A quick thermometer check showed that the temp outside was slightly above freezing, and from the steady drip-drip-drips we were hearing, it became pretty obvious that our precious snow day was melting away quickly.
We did what anyone would do in such a situation –
suited up and headed out just as fast as we were able!
Puff attempts to roll a giant snowball
For those of you who may live in areas that don’t generally see a lot of snowfall, allow me to explain that snowman-building is a bit of an art-form. There is definitely a science to it, one that you may not necessarily be aware of. Just because the snow has fallen in no way means that a decent snowman can be built. Oftentimes, the temperature is too cold to even consider an attempt. If temperatures are still below freezing, the snow will not stick to itself. Try though you may, you will always be left with a glove full of frosty powder, rather than the desired snowball.  Which is why it was so very exciting that the temperature was just a bit above 32. Melty snow is sticky snow, some call it packing snow, I call it snowman snow. . .
Puff poses beside her new friend, Frosty
She named him ‘Frosty,’ of course, and she loved him madly. For his mouth we used holly berries from the tree out back, and its leaves for his buttons. Some pieces of plastic coal (purchased for the husband as a stocking stuffer) served perfectly as eyes, and stick-arms were the obvious choice for our little friend. . . Puff knows the song, and she knows that Frosty is supposed to have a button for a nose. It has always been my personal belief that snowmen look far more sophisticated with carrot-shaped schnozes. Regardless of our opinion differences, we had none of either. All my buttons are small, and only baby carrots graced my refrigerator’s crisper drawer. We were at a loss – until we remembered the beautifully crocheted carrot that Nonna made for T at Christmas!
Yes. Yes we did.
T declares that Frosty tastes like blueberries…
You may be wondering why my darling girl has her tongue hanging out in nearly all of these pictures. . . you should know by now that the only thing T thinks snow is good for is eating.
…and everybody knows that Puff is crazy for blueberries
It was a good day. It was a fun day. It was a snow day. . . and it was a Wednesday.
We finished off with hot chocolate and snuggles on the couch while watching Frosty the Snowman (what else)?! The snow continued to drip, the temperature stayed up, I was sure that the snow would be gone before the end of the week. . .
Then came Friday.
On Friday evening, the 5th of the month, snow started falling maniacally from the sky. And it didn’t stop. . . all night and most of the day on Saturday it snowed like it was goin’ outta style. By the time it stopped, the weather reports were saying that we had something like 30 inches of snow on the ground (that’s around 2.5 feet)!
Just for comparison’s sake, allow me to point out that the Puffy Wonder is 36 inches high.
Because snow drifts about with the wind, and also because Daddy spent the day shoveling like a loon, there was not one bit of our front yard that wasn’t piled with snow taller than Puff is tall.

Puff poses atop a gigantic mound of shoveled snow
Sunday was spent shoveling. A lot. Monday, too. . . On Tuesday, it looked like life was returning to normal. Baby A made it over, and Husby made it to work. But by 4:00, it was snowing again. And it kept right on snowing all through Tuesday night. . .
. . . and right into Wednesday morning. When the snow finally stopped, an additional 2+ feet of snow covered our world.
It was so much snow that we haven’t even been able to get into our backyard yet!
Now please tell me – what on EARTH does one do with ALL THAT SNOW (aside from shoveling)?!
Welllllll. . . you could make snowcream!

a big ol' bowl of snowcream. Mmmm...
Snowcream is a super-tasty treat made with cream (or milk), sugar, and vanilla extract. Very much like ice-cream – only snowier. Puff loves the stuff, her daddy likes it, too.

That is one happy Puff!
OR. . . you could make snowshoes. . .
At least, if you were my husband you could. He made several attempts before hitting on one that ‘kinda’ worked. . .

Puff contemplates the sanity of her father
Or. . . you could make a snowSLIDE!

OR. . .you could snowPAINT!
Unfortunately, I only had spritzer bottles – no trigger style squirt bottles, and no way of driving to the store to grab any. Since Puff’s fingers aren’t strong enough to operate spritz bottles yet, these . . . um . . . masterpieces were created by me following Puff’s instructions. As each image was completed, she gleefully destroyed them. It made for loads of fun, and very colorful snow! Our neighbors prolly think we’re completely mad. . . and after all this snow, they might be right!  I’ll be heading to the dollar store to get some squirt bottles asap, so Puff can make her own creations. It looks like this snow will be on the ground for quite a bit longer!
Its been a fun, but trying week, and after so many days have passed, we can almost see our street again! Life began to return to normal this weekend, we got out of the house and managed to get some much-needed grocery shopping in, as well as a trip to Nonna’s house, and a Valentine trip to the toy store sponsored by Gammy. . .
But I just checked the weather. . . and they’re calling for snow. Today.


  1. ChristinesLillSprouts said,

    Lol, cute post! We have gotten a TON of snow as well…and it’s very useless snow as we can’t even sled or make a snowman! It has of course created a nusciance and allowed for some school free days. It’s supposed to snow tonight here and quite frankly I can’t fathom any more of the stuff. I think it will be awhile until I can get my van up our long, steep, and now very narrow, driveway. Oh well. We DO need to to try some snow icecream though. My DH was just telling me about that (he heard it on tv), so I’ll have to do some investigating on how it’s exactly done.

  2. Kathleen Scott said,

    And it’s beautiful. I’d like a week of your snow.

    The B&W picture of Puff next to Frosty is amazing. Hope you print it and put it in the scrapbook. She’ll treasure that one when she looks back on her life.

    I enjoy your creativity. Thanks for posting your snow week.

  3. wecki77 said,

    The snow is beautiful. Wish we could get it out of our driveway as well.

    As for Frosty, I’ve got to get you a book called “Snowmen At Night.” It is rather hillarious. A boy thinks of all the things that snowmen do at night and that is why the begin to look a little lopsided. Very fun to read.

    • Me said,

      That book sounds AWESOME! I’ll have to check the library for it sometime. Too bad we couldn’t have had it this past week!

  4. Momo Fali said,

    Those are ADORABLE pictures! I am way impressed with that snowman too. We have tons of snow here and my kids could only manage to make one that was about 18 inches tall before they gave up!

    • Me said,

      *giggle* Thanks. . . she had LOADS of help with it, though. In fact, I’d be willing to go so far as to say that I did 90% of the work on that bad boy. . .though she did help ‘pat’ an awful lot. . .and she’s killer at licking snowman booties into shape!!!

  5. YoMama said,

    You used my crocheted carrot!?! Ach! I can’t believe you would do such a thing! Did it survive?

    • Me said,

      *ahem* TEABALL’S crocheted carrot! And yes, yes we did. But don’t worry, its juuuuuuuuust fine – and back in her kitchen set where it belongs! We HAD to use SOMETHING – and it was HER idea!

  6. deb said,

    This was awesome!

  7. Kendall said,

    heehee!! I love Frosty!! Send me one. 😀 That is an unbelievable amount of snow. Really…unbelievable. Snow painting sounds awesome, and no real mess to clean up. And you totally should add some real blueberries to her snowcream. Perfect.

  8. Jenn said,

    That is the best snowman I have ever seen!!

    We are also covered with all the white stuff–the sun finally returned yesterday and looks like it is visiting today….however, the forecast is calling for 60% chance of guess what–SNOW on Monday! The kids have missed 12 days of school since before Christmas break!

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